ECW November To Remember 1997 | ECW Saturday Night RetroView

On November 30th, 1997, Extreme Championship Wrestling aired ECW November To Remember PPV. The event happened live from Monaca, Pennsylvania. We had 9 Matches (1 Dark & 8 Main PPVs matches) we got 3 Title Matches.

Tag Team Match
Chris Chetti & Spike Dudley defeated Erin O’Grady & Paul Diamond (Dark Match)

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ECW November To Remember 1997
Chris Candido vs. Tommy Rogers

The match starts off with Chris Candido & Tommy Rogers jockeying for position and Candido complains of a hair pull then another lockup into a headscissors and then an escape. They repeat that a few times and it’s a stalemate. They get nose-to-nose and pie face each other. Another go and Rogers gets an arm drag and then a hip toss. He hooks the arm and takes Candido to the mat.

Candido bails to the floor, and Rogers tries a baseball slide, but Candido avoids it. Candido comes off the top back in the ring but gets caught with a shot to the gut. Rodgers pulls Candido balls first into the ring post.

They battle on the apron where Candido tries a suplex back in, but Rogers reverses to one of his own as Candido takes a bump from the ring to the floor. Rogers hooks a camel clutch then Rogers hits a Rana for two and goes to a front face lock. Candido fights his way out and catches a charging Rogers with a power slam.

A delayed vertical suplex gets two, then a middle rope leg drop gets two. Candido throws some chops and struts before flipping off the crowd. Rogers comes back with chops of his own, and then he struts.

They fight on top, and Rogers gets a top rope superplex for two. Rodgers heads back up, but Candido gets in a shot that sends Rogers to the floor.

Candido props Rogers on top and brings him down with a rana for two. Candido up top and he gets caught in a powerbomb on the way down.

Lance Storm pops in then Jerry Lynn is down to even the odds. Lynn hits a springboard plancha to Storm on the floor. Candido comes off with a crossbody onto both of them. Rogers does the same to the other 3 on the floor. The match finally gets thrown out

Winner: No One (No Contest) (13:20)

ECW November To Remember 1997
Tag Team Match

Chris Candido & Lance Storm vs. Tommy Rogers & Jerry Lynn

Tommy Rogers grabs a full nelson as Jerry Lynn heads up, and Lance Storm knocks him off the top rope. Storm accidentally dropkicks Candido, which leads to a roll-up. Candido gets dropkicked off the apron into the guard rail. Storm & Rogers hits a double-team move for two.

Storm crotches Lynn on the top rope, but Candido pulls Storm off as he wants to finish things. He brings Lynn down with The Blonde Bombshell for two as Rogers makes the save. Storm eats a Tomakaze, but Rogers walks into a Northern Lights Suplex from Candido to get the win.

Winners: Chris Candido & Lance Storm (3:23)

ECW November To Remember 1997
Mikey Whipwreck vs. Justin Credible 

Justin Credible gets tossed into the corner and does the Flair flip but gets knocked off the apron. Mikey Whipwreck follows with a dive and then tosses Credible into the railing. Back in the ring Whipwreck sets too early and eats a swinging DDT. Basement dropkick from Credible before throwing some punches in the corner.

Scoop slam from Credible. He heads up top and hits a missile dropkick for two. Elbow drop gets another two count. Credible pitches Whipwreck to the floor and gets into an argument with the ref so that Jason can drop Whipwreck with a clothesline. Credible heads up top and catches Whipwreck with a sunset flip for two.

Credible takes Whipwreck to the mat with a chinlock. Whipwreck fights to his feet and gets a sleeper, but Credible reverses to one of his own. Whipwreck breaks with a jawbreaker and sticks Justin with a powerbomb for two.

Credible takes a bump in the corner, then a top rope rana from Whipwreck but Jason distracts. Whipwreck suplexes him into the ring and delivers a kick to the balls. Justin gets a Scorpion Death Drop for two. Jason holds Whipwreck as Justin heads up top. Whipwreck stomps Jason and tosses him into Credible & that sets up The Whippersnapper to get the victory.

Winner: Mikey Whipwreck (7:15)

ECW November To Remember 1997
Television Title Match

Taz (c) vs. Pitbull #1

Pitbull hits a powerbomb, and a spinning heel kick before Taz hits a belly 2 belly suplex and then a t-bone suplex before a Tazzmission forces Pitbull to tap out.

Winner: By Submission AND STILL Television Champion: Taz (1:29)

ECW November To Remember 1997
ECW World Tag Team Title 4 Way Dance

FBI (c) vs. Dudley Boyz vs. The Hardcore Chair Swingin’ Freaks vs. The Gangstanators

Double suplex on Buh Buh Ray Dudley. Little Guido gets dropped with a spinebuster followed by an elbow. D Von Dudley & Tracy Smothers get sent to the floor and Big Don gets left with Hardcore Chair Swingin Freaks. Axl Rotten misses a chair shot and that brings Big D**k into the ring, and he chokeslams Axl. Buh Buh back and he catches Balls Mahoney with a Samoan Drop.

All 6 men battle as we patiently wait for The Gangstanators. D Von gets a diving headbutt & The Gangstanators bring down a trash can full of weapons and chaos ensues. New Jack uses a crutch to wear out The Dudley Boys. Buh Buh uses a cheese grater on Balls and then licks it.

Rotten is pouring blood as a mailbox gets used as a weapon. Big Dick Dudley tries a top rope moonsault but misses.

He plants Kronus with a chokeslam and turns around into a guitar shot from New Jack. Kronus hits a 450 splash from the top. Buh Buh dives over the top onto everyone other than New Jack, who is left in the ring. Tommy Rich sneaks into the ring, and New Jack comes off the top with a guitar shot that splits Rich open. Kronus up top but Guido hits him with The Italian Flag, and he falls into a Cutter to eliminate them.

Mahoney’s head go splat off a chair. Guido gets javelined the first face into the buckle. Mahoney sends D Von to the floor with a spinning heel kick. Buh Buh gets a full nelson on Balls for Joel Gartner to throw powder, but it backfires and blinds the wrong guy. A blinded Buh Buh ends up giving Devon a 3D and that eliminates The Dudleys.

We are down to two teams, and Axl gets the crowd on his side by waving a Terrible Towel. Guido gets dropped on his head, and the ref ends up getting bumped. Jeff Jones is in as the ref, and he stops his count to check on the injured ref. He then kicks Balls in the balls, and a roll-up gets the win.

Winners: AND STILL ECW World Tag Team Champions, FBI (14:32)

ECW November To Remember 1997
Flag Match

Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer

The match starts off with some chain wrestling to start, and RVD immediately goes for the damaged heel. The monkey flips Tommy Dreamer out of the corner but maintains wrist control. He hits a corkscrew leg drop, but mugs for the came too long and gets caught with a side Russian leg sweep.

RVD bails to the floor to escape a DDT. He plays to the crowd too much and Dreamer hits a baseball slide. A clothesline sends RVD into the front row. RVD back as he drops Dreamer throat first on the railing. He jumps off the railing with a somersault splash. Dreamer reverses a whip and sends RVD into the security railing.

He drops RVD balls first on the railing and hits him in the face with a chair from a fan. RVD is bleeding above the eye off the chair shot. Tommy Dreamer gets dropped balls first on the railing. RVD springs off the railing and kicks a chair into Dreamer’s face.

Dreamer gets posted, then back in the ring, RVD dropkicks a chair into Dreamer’s face. Backflip from the top from RVD, and he throws another dropkick into the chair on Dreamer’s face. Slingshot leg drop gets two as RVD is just showing off here. RVD up top, but Dreamer crotches him and brings him down with a Hangman’s Neckbreaker for two.

RVD gets tried in the tree of woe and Beulah offers a chair. Now RVD gets a chair dropkicked into his face. Dreamer up top, but Fonzie breaks with a steel chair to the broken heel. Rolling Thunder gets two as he doesn’t get a strong cover. Split legged moonsault is blocked as Dreamer just uses the chair.

DDT is blocked as RVD grabs the top rope, and Dreamer falls back on the chair. RVD gets cute with another split-legged attempt, so Dreamer just kicks him in the dick. Fonzie pulls the ref out and hammers him in the head with a road sign. RVD uses the distraction to hit Dreamer in the back of the head with a chair.

RVD throws a chair at Dreamer. He just catches it and decks RVD with it since he is giving him a weapon. Referee Jeff Jones breaks the count and wants to fight the other two refs. That brings in Beulah with a kick to the balls, and the two refs hit a double DDT.

Fonzie in, and he hits both refs in balls. So Beulah decks Fonzie in the whistle and takes over ref duties. Dreamer hits a piledriver that bounces RVD off the mat. Furnas & Lafon get involved as they are under contract with the WWF. Stevie Richards returns from WCW and attacks Dreamer as well. A garbage can gets placed on Dreamer & RVD hits a 5 Star Frog Splash. Furnas & Lafon count the fall, and Fonzie rings the bell

Winner: No One (No Contest) (16:02)

After the match, Fonzie dedicates the win to Vince McMahon and carries around a WWF flag. Dreamer gets put on a table and buried under the WWF Flag. Sabu is down and he comes off the top with a clothesline to Beulah. Dreamer covers her body while the other 5 stomp away.

ECW November To Remember 1997
Tables & Ladders Match

Sabu vs. The Sandman

The Sandman takes too long to get in the ring, so Sabu dives on him through the ropes. He starts firing ladders into the ring. Sabu hits the Triple Jump Moonsault for two. He goes for a ladder, and Sandman decks him with a forearm. He tosses a ladder at Sabu, who then tosses a garbage can at Sandman. That gets a two-count.

Sandman tosses Sabu to the floor and then runs with a ladder and jumps over the ropes to throw it at Sabu. Sandman gets tossed into the railing on the floor as we see the tan mats again. Air Sabu catches Sandman against the railing then a table gets dropped on The Sandman, and they fight over table control. Sabu gets slammed on the concrete, and Sandman follows with a table suplex.

Sabu gets put on a bridged table, and it breaks. Sandman heads up and drops a leg that seems to do more damage to Sandman as it barely grazed Sabu. Sandman actually went through the table and splatted on his ass on the floor.

The remains of the table get propped against the railing, but Sabu reverses a whip and Sandman crashes through. Sabu drops a ladder on Sandman and then tosses him into another one.

Sandman gets put on a table and Sabu hits a triple jump leg drop to put him through the table. Back in the ring, Sandman can’t even run the ropes on a whip. Sabu with another Air Sabu and that gets two. Sabu finds a big ladder and tosses it at Sandman, and he casually no sells and goes after Sabu on the floor.

Sandman gets put on a table in the aisle and Sabu puts the ladder back on the floor and tries to ride it down on Sandman through the table. Sabu back on a table and Sandman comes off the top with a Senton but misses and splats through the table. Back in the ring, Sabu hits another Triple Jump Moonsault but this time with Sandman under a ladder. That gets two.

Sabu heads up and gets crotched as security sets up more bridged tables. Sandman brings Sabu down with a suplex on the ladder. Sandman takes too long to set up the big ladder and gets the smaller one smashed in his face.

They try for a catapult spot but it goes all kinds of wrong. Sabu compensates by throwing the ladder at Sandman’s head splitting the back of it open. Sandman drops an elbow as he continues to stumble around. Sabu gets a fork and stabs Sandman but that doesn’t stop Sandman though as he dumps Sabu to the floor and tosses a ladder at him.

Sandman tries to jump over the top and see saw the ladder to Sabu. Back in the ring Sandman hits another Senton as Sabu is buried under a ladder. Slingshot Senton onto Sabu buried under a ladder. Sabu reverses a whip and tries to spring onto Sandman, but gets caught and dropped with an Electric Chair.

Sabu gets put on another bridging table that is breaking just from Sabu’s weight. Sandman hurriedly climbs and ladder and flips over, and hits a Senton through Sabu and the table to the floor.

Fonzie gets on the apron with Sandman’s cane and flips Sandman off. That lets Sabu throw a fireball that Sandman no seals and whips Sabu into a ladder. He goes after Fonzie, but Sabu comes off the top with a boot to the head. He rolls Sandman onto a bridged table and comes off the top with a ladder to leave both men down on the floor. Back in the ring, Sabu hits an Atomic Arabian Facebuster with the ladder for the win.

Winner: Sabu (20:55)

Shane Douglas vs. Bam Bam Bigelow: Hardcore TV, October 25, 1997 - ECW World Heavyweight Championship | WWE
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ECW November To Remember 1997
ECW World Heavyweight Title Match

Bam Bam Bigelow (c) vs. Shane Douglas

Bam Bam Bigelow & Shane Douglas have a stare-down to start and then a lock up. Bigelow sends Douglas to the floor. Back in, Douglas gets a waist lock, but can’t get Bigelow off his feet. Bigelow pounds away and unloads with chops in the corner. He misses a splash in the corner, and now Douglas fires away, but one shot from Bigelow ends Douglas back to the floor.

Slap from Bigelow followed by an elbow to the back of the head. Bam Bam hits a splash in the corner. Douglas gets tossed to the floor again, and Bigelow talks crap to the fans. Douglas back in and tries a belly 2 belly but not even close at this point. He gets the pace a little quicker but makes the mistake of trying a slam, and Bigelow falls back on him.

Bigelow works a chinlock for a bit as the crowd continues to get on Bigelow’s case. Bammer misses a splash in the corner but catches Douglas coming off the top and hits a power slam for two. Vertical suplex from the apron brings Douglas back into the ring.

Bigelow with a baseball slide and he throws Douglas into the ring post. Douglas gets rammed back first into the post as Bigelow is slowly and methodically destroying him. Douglas gets whipped into the railing and Bigelow follows with a splash.

Douglas gets desperate and lands a low blow, but stupidly tries a suplex and Bigelow reverses to one of his own for two. Bigelow goes back to the chinlock Bigelow press slams Douglas over the top and onto the ring post. Bigelow brings a table into the ring. Douglas fires off chops, but nothing to them, and a headbutt ends that rally.

Douglas gets put on the table and Bigelow heads up for a moonsault, but Douglas gets up and powerbombs Bigelow through the table. Bigelow eats some kidney punches, but grabs Douglas and dumps him back to the floor. Bigelow sells the kidney punches as he is starting to slow a bit.

Bigelow steps on Douglas’ throat to choke which gets the ref to count Douglas gets in a shot to the kidneys and hits several clotheslines, but Bigelow won’t go down. A 4th one sends Bigelow over the top, but again, he lands on his feet. Douglas slingshots his way out but Bigelow catches him and powerbombs him through a table.

Francine tells Douglas to stick with the plan and hang in there longer. Douglas tells her that Bigelow is killing him. Back in the ring Bigelow continues to sell the kidneys but hits a powerbomb that won him the title. Douglas kicks out at two. Bigelow pounds away in the corner and shoves the ref out of the way.

Douglas motions to Francine as Bigelow tells us that he is going to toss Douglas into the crowd. Francine motions for Storm & Candido, but Security stops them from getting involved. Bam Bam press slams Douglas over the top and onto the pile of bodies. Security get back to their feet and drag Storm and Candido back to the dressing room.

Bigelow just unloads with right hands as he pounds Douglas into a pile of mush. Francine in, and she tries to hit Bigelow with a crutch, but she has nothing behind it. Douglas eats another right hand, and Bigelow takes a swing with the crutch at Francine but she ducks.

Bigelow uses the crutch to hit basically a stunner with it and then cracks Douglas in the arm with it. Bigelow goes after the arm and then tosses Douglas across the ring. A clothesline follows but a second is countered as Shane tries a backslide.

No luck there, but he flips over and is able to get the belly 2 belly suplex. He can’t follow up, though, and Bigelow plants him with another splash in the corner. Bigelow brings a chair and a piece of the shattered table in the ring. He looks for a powerbomb, but Douglas punches his way out and hits the belly 2 belly through the table for the win.

Winner: AND NEW  ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Shane Douglas (25:02)