ECW November To Remember 1994 | ECW Saturday Night RetroView

On November 5th, 1994, Extreme Championship Wrestling aired their ECW November To Remember 1994 PPV. We had nine matches. Two were title matches (ECW World Heavyweight & ECW World Tag Team). There was also the battle of the Tommys as Tommy Dreamer went one-on-one with Tommy Cairo. Finally, we had two Chris Benoit matches. One was against Sabu, and the other against 2 Cold Scorpio.

ECW November To Remember 1994
JT Smith vs. Hack Meyers

JT Smith, with an early hip toss and fallaway slam on Hack Myers, gives Smith a two-count, but he misses a dropkick. Myers hits some left hands, followed by a running splash to Smith’s back, connects in the corner, and it’s a leg drop across the bottom rope.

The first chair shot of the night has Smith in more trouble as we’re waiting on the comeback. Smith hits a dropkick on the floor and drops an elbow with the chair. Smith’s running splash sends them over the barricade.

Back in, and they trade some rollups for two each, followed by Smith’s bridging northern lights suplex for the win.

Winner: JT Smith (4:02)

ECW November To Remember 1994
Tag Team Match

The Pitbulls vs. The Bad Breed

Before the bell, both teams brawl, then Pitbull #2 kicks away at Axl Rotten inside, but Axl is right back with a clothesline. Ian Rotten is sent into the barricade and beaten down with a chair, and Pitbull #2 gets a two-count off a suplex.

Pitbull #1 comes in for a snap suplex on Ian, and a flying shoulder puts Ian down again. We actually get a tag to #2, and it’s right back to #1 for a slingshot shoulder tackle; then they put Ian away with a Super Powerbomb.

Winners: The Pitbulls (3:11)

After the match, Axl makes the save with a chain, and the Bad Breed beats The Pitbulls up

ECW November To Remember 1994
2 Cold Scorpio vs. Mr. Hughes

Mr. Hughes shoves 2 Cold Scorpio away without much effort to start and then does it again to prove his point. Scorpio can’t get anywhere off a wristlock. Hughes busts out a leapfrog of all things and starts stomping away to keep Scorpio in trouble. A big clothesline drops Scorpio again, and it’s off to a neck crank.

Scorpio grabs the tie for a breather and is promptly thrown into the air for a crash to the mat. Back up, and some dropkicks put Hughes on the floor but Scorpio leaves a baseball slide. Scorpio hits a quick dive.

Hughes hits a side slam back inside and drops an elbow to the face for two. Scorpio is back up with some boots to the face out of the corner, then he climbs to the top rope & connects with the 450 Splash to score the victory.

Winner: 2 Cold Scorpio (7:09)

After the match, Hughes destroys Scorpio and says that’s what happens when you mess with him. Hughes leaves, and Scorpio calls him Mr. Shoe Shine Boy and says he just lost. The fight is on again for the 2nd time in a row.

ECW November To Remember 1994
Tommy Dreamer vs. Tommy Cairo

Tommy Dreamer goes right at Tommy Cairo while the music is on, but a spin wheel kick puts Dreamer on the floor, and Cairo hits another out there. Dreamer gets in some chair shots and takes him back inside for a piledriver. They head outside again, with Dreamer being handed a canoe paddle.

Cairo misses a dive off the barricade as they fight into the crowd. A running wooden pallet shot drops Dreamer, who is right back up with a pallet shot of his own. They get back inside with Dreamer hitting a neckbreaker and taking off his shirt for some choking.

Cairo is right back up with a standing flapjack but stops to mock The Sandman again. It’s Singapore cane time, but Dreamer takes it away and canes him in the head. The blood starts to flow, and Dreamer hits him low; then he licks the blood off of his hand while the referee calls for the bell to stop the match.

Winner By Referee Stoppage: Tommy Dreamer (7:09)

ECW November To Remember 1994
ECW World Heavyweight Title Match

Shane Douglas (c) vs. Ron Simmons

Ron Simmons goes straight after him but gets dropkicked down for an early two count. Shane Douglas gets chased to the floor and it’s time to hit the stall for a bit. Back in and Simmons headbutts him down in the corner, sending Douglas back outside for another breather.

Douglas is back in again with a crossbody before we get a staredown on the outside with Douglas hiding behind a photographer. Simmons swings at him anyway, followed by a clothesline on the floor. Back in the ring again, and the power slam plants Douglas, followed by a gutbuster as Simmons continues beating down Douglas.

A top rope splash misses so Simmons hits a chokeslam of all things but Douglas is right back up with a crucifix to get the win.

Winner: AND STILL ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Shane Douglas (6:34)

After the match, the beatdown is on again, with 2 Cold Scorpio running in to help Simmons beat Douglas down and hits a moonsault. Simmons & Scorpio leave, but Cactus Jack comes out to check on him. Douglas takes a while getting out of the ring.

Here’s the blind Sandman helped to the ring by owner Tod Gordon for a chat. Joey Styles is choking up at how sad it is for Sandman to be like this. Gordon is sad as well, as a cameraman gets in the ring for a closeup.

He leaves, and Sandman talks about having to retire at 31, but he’s beaten the daylights out of Tommy Cairo, and he’s taken Tommy Dreamer to an inch of his career. He wouldn’t change a thing, though, even if he’s lost everything. One of the things he’s lost is his wife, which is all thanks to Nancy Sullivan. We hear about some of the things he’s done to his wife, and Cairo, who stole her, can’t accomplish those same things.

Here comes The Sandman’s wife Peaches, who doesn’t know if she should slap him or kiss him. She says she’s changed a little since he last saw her, which he thinks means she’s put on weight, but here’s Nancy to interrupt. She wants to introduce her newest client but canes Peaches in the head first. Sandman punches Gordon by mistake, and here’s Dreamer to call Nancy off.

As Dreamer yells, The Sandman takes the bandages off of his eyes and canes Dreamer because he is Nancy’s new client. Nancy mocks Dreamer’s recent emotional speeches about Sandman & Styles is aghast. Sandman gets in some whips with his belt as Nancy is having a ball gloating over this.

Styles brings out Shane Douglas for a chat. Douglas, holding a phone, talks about never feeling anything like what he has felt tonight. His career was unparalleled in ECW but then he saw entertainers in Chicago destroying what he spent 14 years building. That would be a person named Terry Bollea, who is already on Social Security. Part of his success in ECW is because of blood, sweat, and tears, but it was also due to a beautiful woman.

Tonight he fought someone who was the first black heavyweight champion, but that means nothing to Shane. Then 2 Cold Scorpio got involved after Douglas beat Simmons. Now it’s time to rebuild the Franchise, and that’s why he has Sherri on the phone. He wants her back here two weeks from tonight, and Sherri says it’ll be great to be with a man again. On top of that, he’s bringing in a partner to deal with Simmons & Scorpio: Stunning Steve Austin.

ECW November To Remember 1994
Non-Title Match

Television Champion Dean Malenko vs. The Tazmaniac

Dean Malenko & The Tazmaniac fight around the ropes to start with Taz taking him down and hammering away, setting up the 1st northern lights suplex. Malenko is right back up with a release Tiger Bomb and the Boston Crab goes on.

That’s broken up with some power, so Malenko stomps away instead. They trade full nelsons until Taz hits a T Bone suplex. Malenko comes back with a victory roll for a two count, but an attempt at a 2nd is countered into a German suplex to put them both down.

It’s Malenko going up, and he gets crotched, only to elbow his way out of a German superplex attempt. Jason tries to get in a few cheap shots and gets whipped into the barricade for his efforts & the distraction lets Malenko grab a towel to cover Taz’s face to get the win.

Winner: Television Champion Dean Malenko (5:13)

ECW November To Remember 1994
ECW World Tag Team Titles Brawl Game Match

Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck (c) vs. Public Enemy

We get some stalling as Public Enemy decides to walk so the referee starts the 10 count. They come back so Mikey Whipwreck’s shoulder block can fail. Whipwreck gets sent into a boot in the corner, and a middle-rope elbow crushes him. Johnny Grunge isn’t about to let the referee count, so he drops a headbutt and kicks Whipwreck low.

A gordbuster drops Whipwreck again, so it’s Cactus Jack coming in to save him from a bad case of destruction. Cactus whips Whipwreck into both of them as Whipwreck continues to be little more than a toy here. Whipwreck is so beaten up that he collapses for an eight count, leaving Cactus to clothesline both of them down at once.

Rocco Rock kicks Cactus low, and Grunge crotches him on the barricade for a bonus. That leaves Mikey all alone, and it’s a reverse DDT into a Swanton for a nine-count. As the count goes on, Cactus comes in and cleans house with a chair. A double-arm DDT isn’t enough for the 10 count so Public Enemy comes up with powder into Cactus’ face. Whipwreck fights back with forearms to Public Enemy.

The blind Cactus DDTs Whipwreck by mistake, though, and that’s good for a 10, meaning it’s time for some baseball bats. Mikey gets laid out with the bat but all four walk up the aisle and fight over to some nicely placed tables. Two of them are stacked up on top of each other but Sabu breaks up a flip dive to put Whipwreck through them. 911 & Paul Heyman come out with Sabu sending Rock through the tables.

Whipwreck is back up and uses a chair to beat on the pieces of tables near Rock. Cactus & Grunge are back as well, with Cactus suplexing Rock onto a table. The running elbow off the balcony puts Rock through the table, and everyone is done. We hear about Whipwreck diving onto Grunge, and let’s head back to the ring. Grunge sunset flips Whipwreck for two, followed by a top rope baseball bat shot to the face for the win.

Winners: AND NEW ECW World Tag Team Champion: Public Enemy (12:34)

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ECW November To Remember 1994
Chris Benoit vs. Sabu

Chris Benoit & Sabu go right at each other, with Benoit kneeing him in the ribs and dropping him ribs first onto the top rope. Then Benoit lifts him up and drops him down on top of his head, breaking Sabu’s neck & the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: No One (No Contest) (2:00)

As medics tend to Sabu, here’s 911 to keep Benoit away from him. Benoit says he wants to fight Sabu and never signed to fight 911. We get some major stalling until Benoit jumps 911 from behind but can’t knock him down. A chokeslam plants Benoit for a pin, but here’s Public Enemy with the baseball bats to take 911 down. Cactus comes in to go after the two of them as 911 gets back up. A double chokeslam (with all of four inches of lift) plants Public Enemy.

A bunch of people come out for a big brawl, including Taz, with Taz getting a bat to take out just about everyone. Eventually, it’s Benoit & Taz in a standoff as 911 gets a beaten-down Heyman out of dodge. Joey signs off but Benoit wants a mic. When that doesn’t work, Public Enemy holds up his arms as the mic is fixed. Benoit wants to know what happened to the great Sabu, so here’s Scorpio again. If Benoit wants a fight, he’s right here.

ECW November To Remember 1994
Chris Benoit vs. 2 Cold Scorpio

Public Enemy jumps 2 Cold Scorpio from behind, and Chris Benoit gets a two count off a powerbomb; there’s the snap suplex as Public Enemy is still messing around at ringside. Scorpio gets in a superkick to send Benoit outside, meaning it’s time to beat up Public Enemy again.

There are even more people at ringside now, making this a lumberjack match. Benoit hits a top rope superplex, but Scorpio counters a belly two-back superplex with a crossbody. Scorpio gets two off a super victory roll and nails a superkick, but they fall out to the floor. Benoit throws him into various things, and it’s a double count-out.

Winner: No One (Double Count Out) (12:00)