ECW House Party 1996 | ECW Saturday Night RetroView

On January 23rd, 1996 Extreme Championship Wrestling aired ECW House Party 1996. It was their first event from the ECW arena in Philadelphia PA. There were 9 matches including two title matches (ECW World Heavyweight & Television), and the Main Event was a Tag Team Street Fight between The Gangatas & The Public Enemy.

ECW House Party 1996
Tag Team Match

The Eliminators (Kronus & Saturn) vs. 911 & Rey Mysterio Jr

Rey Mysterio Jr hits The Eliminators with headscissors, and arm drags before they dump Mysterio to the floor and attack him. Taz neutralizes 911 by choking him with a towel. Mysterio fends off The Eliminators with weapons but they retake control when 911 shows life Taz chokes him again and The Eliminators hits Total Elimination.

Mysterio rallies with a double DDT and then climbs onto 911’s shoulders. The Eliminators decide to do the same and both teams have a chicken fight before Mysterio dives off 911 and gives Saturn a hurricanrana for the victory.

Winners: 911 & Rey Mysterio Jr (6:49)

ECW House Party 1996
Rob Van Dam vs. Axl Rotten

Rob Van Dam keeps Axl at bay with some kicks until Rotten regroups then RVD uses his athleticism to evade Rotten then he flips over him and around him. RVD even throws in a backflip while giving Rotten shoulder blocks.

ECW House Party 1996
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Rotten with headbutts and clubbing blows before he turns RVD inside out with a clothesline but he misses a flying elbow. RVD capitalizes with a 5 Star Frog Splash and a somersault plancha.

RVD then follows that with a flying kick and a standing moonsault. Rotten rallies with more punches but he misses a corner splash. RVD then slams Rotten and lands a split-legged moonsault for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam (6:11)

ECW House Party 1996
ECW TV Title Match

Mikey Whipwreck (c) vs. 2 Cold Scorpio

2 Cold Scorpio shakes off Mikey Whipwreck’s attack and gives him a press slam before Whipwreck surprises Scorpio with crossbodies and dropkicks. Whipwreck also nails a slingshot somersault plancha to the outside. Scorpio uses eye pokes and low blows to regain control.

He uses a chair before Scorpio gives Whipwreck a facebuster into it then he starts toying with the man again. Whipwreck rallies and puts Scorpio in a surfboard stretch but he escapes & hits a moonsault, a superplex and a twisting splash.

He stops his pin attempt each time. Whipwreck takes advantage then lands a tornado DDT and a super Frankenmikey. Scorpio responds with a superkick and a super back suplex but he clips the ref while the ref is out cold Raven enters the ring.

He begins attacking Scorpio only to give Whipwreck a DDT instead. Scorpio then nails a powerbomb follow by Scorpio Splash for the win.

Winner: AND NEW Television Champion: 2 Cold Scorpio (16:47)

ECW House Party 1996
Taz vs. Hack Myers

Taz takes Hack Myers to the mat with some holds but Myers reaches the ropes before Myers with some punches and elbows but Taz answers with suplexes and judo throws.

He nails Myers with a T Bone, a German suplex and a Tazplex before he puts him in the Tazmission for the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Taz (3:41)

ECW House Party 1996
Buh Buh Ray Dudley vs. Jimmy Del Ray

Buh Buh Ray Dudley & Jimmy Del Ray trade punches until Buh Buh nails a dropkick. He then dances before Del Ray choking Buh Buh on the ropes then Buh Buh nails Del Ray with a corner splash. Buh Buh argues with the ref about the count but he keeps stuttering.

Del Ray uses the opening to kick Buh Buh low then gives Buh Buh a tornado DDT before Buh Buh attempting Buh Buh Bomb but Mr Hughes distracts him but Buh Buh hits a DDT for the victory.

Winner: Buh Buh Ray Dudley

ECW House Party 1996
Tag Team Match

The Bad Crew (Bad Crew #1 & Bad Crew #2) vs. JT Smith & Tony Stetson

Winners: No One (No Contest) (This never made air)

ECW House Party 1996
ECW World Heavyweight Title Match

The Sandman (c) vs. Konnan

Konnan flusters The Sandman early with mat holds then he keeps getting the better of him until Sandman regroups. The Sandman answers with punches and elbows but Konnan uses takedowns and roll ups. Sandman gets the advantage when they brawl on the floor.

He uses the guardrail and a fan’s chair. Sandman also busts open an old wound on Konnan’s head then Sandman introduces a table & he tries putting Konnan through it with a superplex but Konnan reverses it. Woman canes Konnan to stop his onslaught.

He stops her so she slaps him so Sandman uses the opening to attack with the kendo stick but Rey Mysterio Jr arrives and gives Konnan his own kendo stick.

Konnan & The Sandman then have a duel then they hit each other with kendo sticks until both men collapse. Woman helps The Sandman rise before the 10 count.

Winner: AND STILL ECW World Heavyweight Champion: The Sandman (14:01)

ECW House Party 1996
Sabu vs. Stevie Richards

Stevie Richards evades Sabu but he regroups but he makes the mistake of putting a chair in the ring. Sabu uses it as he bounces off the chair and nails wheel kicks and leg drops. Sabu does some slingshot moves. Richards surprises Sabu with a Stevie Bomb but Sabu knocks Stevie off the ropes.

The Blue Meanie attacks Sabu a few times. Sabu fends off the interference and tries using a table. Richards moves and Sabu crashes through it then Blue Meanie attacks again when Richards is in trouble. Richards nails another Stevie Bomb and a flying fist drop.

Meanie interjects again so Paul E Dangerously  has enough. He attacks the Meanie. Dangerously then returns Richards to the ring but Richards gets a foot on the rope.

Richards hits Stevie Kick but Sabu recovers and lands a DDT. Paul E gives Sabu a chair and he hits Atomic Arabian Facebuster for the victory.

Winner: Sabu (14:31)

ECW House Party 1996
Tag Team Street Fight

The Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & Rocco Rock) vs. The Gangatas (New Jack & Mustafa) 

Both teams starts this match brawling then New Jack pairs with Johnny Grunge while Mustafa fights Rocco Rock then both teams take turns using an iron on each other. They also throw pies then Public Enemy grabs a table. They put Mustafa through it with a Drive By.

New Jack & Grunge then fight into the crowd as Mustafa decides to do some wrestling with him connecting with a Spinning Toe Hold and a Figure 4 on Rock. New Jack & Grunge whip each other into the walls and dive off the eagle’s nest.

This continues until everyone returns to the ring. Saed puts Rocco on a table and does a Vader Bomb but he hurts himself. The Public Enemy answer with chairs and sodas.

Rock uses another table on Mustafa but he recovers then The Public Enemy then fends off New Jack before they hit Mustafa Drive By for the win.

Winners: The Public Enemy (13:41)