ECW Holiday Hell 1995 | ECW Saturday Night RetroView

On December 29th, 1995, Extreme Championship Wrestling aired ECW Holiday Hell 1995. The event had twelve matches, with two title matches but three titles defended among the two matches!

These include the ECW World Tag Team Championship and ECW TV title defended in one match and the ECW World Heavyweight title in another. We also had a number one Contenders Match for the ECW World Heavyweight Title as well as an Olympic Rules Match.

ECW Holiday Hell 1995
Taz vs.
Koji Nakagawa

Bill Alfonso slaps Koji Nakagawa, and Taz shoves him then. Nakagawa responds by slapping Taz, so Taz suplexes him on his head a few times.

Nakagawa attempts to knock Taz off his feet, but he can’t, so Taz gives him more suplexes. Fonzie taunts both the fans and Nakagawa.

Nakagawa rallies with punches, but Taz gives him a Half Nelson Suplex, then puts Koji in the Tazmission for the win.

Winner By Submission: Taz (2:53)

ECW Holiday Hell 1995
Hack Myers vs. JT Smith

Hack Myers and JT Smith trade punches and kicks, and then Smith uses a low blow to take control. They brawl to the floor, and Smith climbs the ropes.

He lands a flying headbutt; then Smith hits a handspring splash and a powerbomb. He misses a split-legged moonsault and lands on his head, so Myers capitalizes with a top rope facebuster for the victory.

Winner: Hack Myers (4:39)

ECW Holiday Hell 1995
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ECW Holiday Hell 1995
ECW World Tag Team & ECW Television Titles Match

2 Cold Scorpio (c) & (c) vs. Mikey Whipwreck

The match starts off with 2 Cold Scorpio & Mikey Whipwreck trade holds and reversals. Whipwreck keeps surprising Scorpio with headscissors and dropkicks.

He even lands a slingshot somersault plancha, but Whipwreck misses a flying crossbody. Scorpio kicks him low and toys with Whipwreck.

Scorpio gives him powerbombs and moonsaults, but he keeps stopping his pin attempts. He also spits on Whipwreck.

It motivates him, so Mikey crotches Scorpio and gives him a super Frankensteiner. The ref is caught in the melee, and Scorpio hits him with a flying splash on accident.

This opens the door for Cactus Jack to attack Scorpio with a Double Arm DDT then Jack places Whipwreck on top of him for the pin.

Winner: AND NEW ECW World Tag Team & Television Champions: Mikey Whipwreck (11:54)

ECW Holiday Hell 1995
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ECW Holiday Hell 1995
The Eliminators (Kronus & Saturn) vs. The Pitbulls (Pitbull #1 & Pitbull #2)

Both teams trade strikes and suplexes, and then The Eliminators double-team The Pitbulls. Kronus backdrops Saturn over the ropes and onto Pitbull #2.

The problem is The Pitbulls do not sell much of the offense. This happens a few times during the match, and then Jason interferes multiple times to try to salvage things. This leads to miscommunication from The Eliminators.

The fans chant for blood, so The Pitbulls oblige as they bust open The Eliminators with weapons and even use a toilet brush on them.

Both teams also use some combination moves, but the no-selling continues. The Pitbulls land a Superbomb but Jason distracts the ref.

This causes Francine to attack Jason which distracts Pitbull #1. The Eliminators use the opening to hit Total Elimination and win.

Winners: The Eliminators (16:13)

ECW Holiday Hell 1995
Tommy Dreamer vs. The Blue Meanie

The Blue Meanie jumps Tommy Dreamer and attempts a backdrop, but Dreamer turns it into a Dreamer DDT for the win.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer (0:13)

ECW Holiday Hell 1995
Tommy Dreamer vs. Steve Richards

Stevie Richards attacks Tommy Dreamer with forearms, but Dreamer hits another Dreamer DDT to score the victory.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer (0:11)

ECW Holiday Hell 1995
ECW World Heavyweight Title #1 Contenders Match

Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven

Raven whips Tommy Dreamer into the rail hard enough to bend it. He then puts Dreamer through a table with a dive before Dreamer rallies and hands out DDTs to Raven & Stevie Richards.

Then Dreamer uses random weapons the fans hand him and cuts Raven with a cheese grater. The brawl then moves outside the building, and they fight in the snow, but it doesn’t last long.

When they return, Beulah tries using some hairspray, but she hits Raven by mistake. A blind Raven DDTs Richards, so Dreamer nails his own DDT and puts Raven in a tree of woe. He does ten punches to Raven’s nuts.

Tommy also piledrives Raven on a piece of the table. Dreamer uses a chair but he hits the ref because Raven pulled him into the path. Richards uses the opening to give Dreamer a Stevie Kick.

The Blue Meanie also attempts a moonsault, but he misses. Raven nails a DDT onto a chair to get the win.

Winner: AND NEW Number One Contender To The ECW World Heavyweight Title: Raven (11:36)

ECW Holiday Hell 1995
Bruiser Mastino vs. El Puerto Riqueño

El Puerto Riqueño sticks and moves and tries flooring Bruiser Mastino. He evades Mastino until Mastino hits a clothesline and a suplex.

He follows that with a belly-to-belly and chokes Puerto, but Mastino misses a corner splash. Puerto hits with Mastino missile dropkicks from every corner.

However, Mastino catches him on a flying crossbody, but he turns it into a power slam for the win.

Winner: Bruiser Mastino (3:12)

ECW Holiday Hell 1995
Buh Buh Ray Dudley vs. The Blue Meanie

The Blue Meanie jumps Buh Buh Ray Dudley and surprises everyone by nailing his moonsault.

Buh Buh powers out of the pin attempt and then attempts a Buh-Buh Bomb. Big Di*k Dudley smacks Buh Buh with his crutch.

He has to remind him Meanie is too heavy to powerbomb. Buh Buh uses a slam instead and lands a flying headbutt for the win.

Winner: Buh Buh Ray Dudley (1:10)

ECW Holiday Hell 1995
ECW World Heavyweight Title Match

The Sandman (c) vs. Raven

The Sandman & Raven brawl to the floor and fight on and around the rail. Sandman drapes Raven on it and grazes him with a diving leg drop.

The fight returns to the floor a couple of times then Sandman even dives over the rail and whacks Raven with his cane. Sandman then uses a couple of slingshot moves.

He misses a leg drop but hits a crossbody; then Sandman puts Raven through a table. They fight with the pieces, and Sandman whips Raven around the ring.

However, they knock out the ref when he’s caught in a double clothesline. Richards interferes so Woman canes him. She also canes Raven, but he absorbs the shots.

Sandman stops it until Tommy Dreamer appears. He canes everyone. Dreamer then piledrives Beulah and leaves. Raven & Sandman recover and trade punches.

Cactus Jack arrives and helps his mentor, Raven, by giving Sandman a DDT. Sandman kicks out of the pin, blocks Raven’s superplex, and lands a top-rope bulldog for the victory.

Winner: AND STILL ECW World Heavyweight Title: The Sandman (13:16)

ECW Holiday Hell 1995
The Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & Rocco Rock) vs. The Gangstas (Mustafa & New Jack)

Both teams break into pairs and brawl. New Jack uses a noose on Grunge then the fans supply random weapons. They use boom boxes and trash can lids.

New Jack even attacks with a fork then Jack rams Grunge into pieces of wood and a chair. Mustafa gets a near fall with a power slam, but the brawling continues.

The Public Enemy uses a cane and frying pans before introducing a table. They put Mustafa on it, and Rocco Rock does a moonsault. The table doesn’t break, so Musatafa Saed recovers.

New Jack brawls with Grunge while Saed puts Rocco through the table. But The Public Enemy answers with frying pans.

They hit the Drive-By, so New Jack distracts the ref while Rocco complains, and New Jack hits Rock with a chair. Mustafa then rolls him up for the win.

Winners: The Gangstas (8:26)

ECW Holiday Hell 1995
Olympic Rules Match

Cactus Jack vs. Sabu

Sabu grabs a chair and tries using it, but Cactus Jack regroups. He then flusters Jack with a somersault plancha and a diving leg drop. Sabu also nails a springboard wheel kick.

But Cactus elbows Sabu when he bounces off a chair. Cactus hesitates, but he gives in to the urge. He uses the chair. Jack lands 2 Double Arm DDTs.

One is on the chair, but neither gets a three-count. Jack even uses the chair to do a Cactus Elbow. He also bites Sabu.

Jack then attempts a Cactus Clothesline, only to end up in a hangman spot. Sabu continues attacking but he hurts himself a few times on the rail and a table.

He puts Jack through the table, but Sabu is worse for the wear. Sabu then uses more chair-assisted offense to his own detriment.

He nails an Atomic Arabian Facebuster, but Jack kicks out of the pin. Cactus tries slamming Sabu, but Sabu hooks the ropes and falls on him for the win.

Winner: Sabu (12:59)