ECW Hardcore Heaven 1994 – ECW Saturday Night RetroView

On August 13th, 1994, Extreme Championship Wrestling aired ECW Hardcore Heaven 1994. Nine matches were on the card, two of which were title matches, including the ECW Television and ECW Tag Team Titles.

Did anything special happen? Nothing more than two men chasing two other men with pieces of broken table after the match. Why did they do that? Let’s see why…

ECW Hardcore Heaven 1994
Hack Myers vs. Rockin Rebel

Hack Myers gets the early advantage with punches and an apron leg drop, but he makes the mistake of ducking and pays for it.

Rockin Rebel takes over with chops, leg sweeps, and a chair, but he keeps refusing to pin him. Myers tries to fight back with headbutts, but Rebel hits a short-arm clothesline.

He still doesn’t pin him so Myers makes him pay for that decision as he pulls him to the mat by the hair and reverses a back suplex for the win.

Winner: Hack Myers (4:40)

ECW Hardcore Heaven 1994
Chad Austin vs. Tommy Cairo

Tommy Cairo shoves Chad Austin around and hits various suplexes as Austin gets a rope break, so Cairo press slams him and reverses a hurricanrana into an atomic drop.

Cairo hits some backdrops and clotheslines before Austin tries to fire back with a corner charge, but Cairo moves, and Austin hits the post.

Cairo uses a back suplex and a power slam, but he misses a flying cannonball.

Austin quickly attempts a flying sunset flip, but it’s not enough as Austin pins Cairo with his feet on the ropes to get the victory.

Winner: Chad Austin (4:30)

ECW Hardcore Heaven 1994
ECW Television Title
No DQ Match

Mikey Whipwreck (c) vs. Jason

Jason does some shoulder blocks early, but Mikey Whipwreck starts surprising him with roll-ups and dropkicks. He even knocks Jason to the floor and hits a baseball slide.

Whipwreck goes for an axe handle off the apron, but Jason kicks him and puts him on a table. Jason then hits a leg drop to break it and suplexes Whipwreck back into the ring.

ECW Hardcore Heaven 1994
[Photo: Classic Wrestling Review]
Jason slows the pace with some chin locks and posing, but Whipwreck recovers from some near falls and then tries to lure Jason in by playing possum.

Jason finally cuts off the comeback with an enzuigiri and a gut-wrench powerbomb. He follows that up by dumping him to the floor, where they brawl. Then Whipwreck uses a chair, but he misses a flying crossbody.

Jason then takes the chair, but Whipwreck gets it back, only to hit the ref by mistake. He also hits Jason, and a groggy ref makes a three count, but he can’t call for the bell.

The Pitbulls seize the opportunity to interfere and attack Whipwreck then they put Jason on top of him for the win. 

Winner: AND NEW Television Champion: Jason (12:09)

After the match, The Pitbulls continue the attack until The Tazmanic & Jimmy Snuka arrive & they brawl.

ECW Hardcore Heaven 1994
Tag Team Match

The Pitbulls (Pitbull #1 & Pitbull #2) vs. The Tazmaniac & Jimmy Sunka

Both teams brawl, and The Tazmanic hits Pitbull #2, a belly-to-belly suplex, then The Tazmaniac hits a t-bone, and Jimmy Snuka hits Superfly Splash for the win.

Winners: The Tazmanic & Jimmy Sunka (0:40)

Before the match, Shane Douglas gets a mic and calls Hughes the real giant of ECW. Styles says this match will make Frankenstein vs. Godzilla look like a pillow fight. 911 enters the arena, and Douglas yells at him for chokeslamming Angel.

ECW Hardcore Heaven 1994
Mr Hughes vs. 911

Mr Hughes and 911 stall and trash talk before trading shoulder blocks. Then they trade punches, and Hughes manages to chokeslam 911.

He kicks out of the pin attempt and fights back, but Hughes gives him a low blow.

Hughes attempts the sidewalk slam, but 911 blocks it and hits a chokeslam for the win.

Winner: 911 (3:33)

After the match, Douglas attacks Paul E Dangerously, but 911 stops him. Douglas pulls Angel in front of him and leaves her to her fate. 911 grabs Angel and hits a chokeslam while Paul E. taunts Douglas with a hip swivel.

Paul E. then grabs a mic and tells Douglas to come back and get his dead smelly fish out of the ring. He also gives Angel her last rites and 911 gives her another chokeslam.

ECW Hardcore Heaven 1994
Singapore Cane Match

The Sandman vs. Tommy Dreamer

Tommy Dreamer continues caning The Sandman, then knocks the cane out of Woman’s hands.

He also grabs Woman and kisses her again before turning his focus back to Sandman. Woman interferes one more time, and Dreamer threatens her, but the ref stops him.

Dreamer has had enough and canes the ref before attacking Sandman once more. Bob Artese finally announces that Dreamer has been disqualified.

He mistakenly says Sandman first, but he corrects himself, then Dreamer snaps and strikes Artese before continuing his barrage on Sandman.

Winner By DQ: The Sandman (0:53)

After the match, Dreamer hits Sandman a few more times and leaves. Woman returns to the ring and revives Sandman with a cigarette.

Before the match, Public Enemy attacks Straw Hat Guy and rips up his hat, then Rocco Rock threatens to leave if anyone else calls him jailbird, so Axl Rotten leads the crowd in a jailbird chant.

Public Enemy leaves, and the ref starts counting, but they return before he finishes, and the brawl begins.

ECW Hardcore Heaven 1994
ECW World Tag Team Titles Baseball Brawl Match

Public Enemy (Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge) (c) vs. The Bad Breed (Axl Rotten & Ian Rotten)

Rocco Rock hits a couple of moonsaults until Ian Rotten dropkicks him, then The Bad Breed backdrops Rock to the floor and backdrops each other onto the Public Enemy.

Both teams brawl on the floor before Rocco accidentally crotches himself on the rail while trying a tightrope walk. Chairs and frying pans are introduced into the fight.

They return to the ring and trade low blows and double-team moves before The Bad Breed hits British Invasion and gets a 10 count to gain use of the baseball bats.

Axl Rotten busts open Johnny Grunge with the bat, but he counters with a low blow. Then they split into pairs. Rock fights Ian in the crowd and jumps off a scaffold.

They also fight to the eagle’s nest where Joey Styles retreats in fear as Rock uses a chair and drags Ian around with a rope.

The fight ends up back at the ring, where Public Enemy hits a reverse DDT and a cannonball for the win.

Winners: AND STILL ECW World Tag Team Champions: The Public Enemy (19:09)

ECW Hardcore Heaven 1994
2 Cold Scorpio vs. Sabu

Sabu rushes to the ring, but 2 Cold Scorpio ducks and dodges him a few times. Then Scorpio attempts to outwrestle him and manages to evade some of Sabu’s slingshot moves.

Sabu crashes to the floor while trying a sunset flip from inside the ring. Scorpio answers with some slingshot moves of his own and a flipping leg drop. Then Scorpio tries a flying splash, but Sabu raises his knees.

Scorpio almost comes back, but he flies out of the ring on a missed flying forearm. Sabu then uses a chair to hit a somersault plancha and follows that with more dives, chairs, and tables.

Scorpio eventually uses the chair to fight back, and they reverse through a Tombstone. Scorpio fights back again when Sabu misses a moonsault before he hits both a slingshot 450 and a Tumbleweed, but Sabu kicks out of the pin attempt.

Things look bad for Sabu so both Paul E Dangerously and 911 interfere while the ref is distracted. Sabu hits Scorpio with a piledriver on the floor, then hits a chair-assisted slingshot leg drop to get the win.

Winner: Sabu (18:28)

Before the match, Terry Funk grabs a mic and says something, but it’s hard to understand him. The only part I understood was he forgot to put on his knee pads, so he took a moment to finish getting dressed.

Cactus Jack takes the mic and says there’s been far too much violence already. He says he learned to appreciate the value of family entertainment.

So, he promises a scientific match and shakes Funk’s hand before Jack talks about how he & Funk teamed before, but tonight, he will kick his ass.

ECW Hardcore Heaven 1994
Cactus Jack vs. Terry Funk

Both men trade chops until Terry Funk throws Cactus Jack to the floor, then hits Jack with remnants of a table, and they brawl around ringside.

ECW Hardcore Heaven 1994
[Photo: Peacock]
They also fight into the crowd, and Funk grabs a sleeper hold, but Jack gives him a jawbreaker. Then Jack hits a cannonball over the rail before they return to the ring.

Jack hits a facebuster and charges Funk, but Funk ducks and Jack ends up in a hangman spot.

Funk capitalizes by ramming Jack into the posts, but Public Enemy arrives to interfere in the match. They attack Terry and leave him for Jack, but Jack refuses to pin him.

Public Enemy then attempts to force Jack to pin him, but that doesn’t work. Public Enemy attacks the ref before counting their own three count, but Jack won’t let them raise their arms in victory, so the match is declared a No-Contest.

Winner: No One (No Contest) (11:00)

After the match, Jack & Funk grab pieces of the broken table and chase down Public Enemy. They bring them back to the ring and brawl.

Funk sends Rocco Rock over the guardrail and uses two frying pans on him. After a couple of attempts, Funk hits a piledriver. Funk then covers, and Jack counts a three-count.

Jack and Funk turn to the crowd and ask for a couple of chairs, but everyone starts throwing chairs, and the ring begins filling, and Public Enemy is buried under a rain of chairs.

Jack and Funk are smart enough to get out of dodge, but Public Enemy isn’t so lucky. It becomes chaos, and the ring announcer starts yelling at the fans to stop.

It finally ends, so Styles thanks everyone and says goodnight while Public Enemy starts throwing the chairs in anger.