Dump Truk Cleaning up the Back Woods of South Carolina Independent Wrestling

First and foremost I want to introduce my self. My name is Adam Helms and I am the newest contributor to Prowrestlingpost.com.  I am a South Carolina Wrestling Promoter and life long wrestling fan. I have been asked to introduce you to the many characters I have met over my years as a fan and now as a part of the independent wrestling scene in South Carolina. There will be some names you have heard of and a lot you haven’t. So thank you for reading and let’s get started with one of my favorites, Dump Truk.

Traveling through the Backwoods of South Carolina never know what you will find a busted up rusty tractor, dirt roads, side road churches, or a man named Dump Truk. 5’11 325 lbs of cornbread eating strength. I met this man about a year and half ago at an event in the Charleston SC. I had a chance to sit down and talk with him about what his journey was to get into the wrestling business. Dump Truk was raised in South Carolina and watched whatever young man in the Carolinas did and that was Mid Atlantic Wrestling in the ’80s, growing up he watched Ricky Steamboat, Sting, Lex Luger, Wahoo McDaniels, Dusty Rhodes, and a group of men who would define an era. The Four Horsemen.

Even at a young age Dump knew what work ethic was from his hard working blue collar family. But it was something about the work ethic, talent, and lifestyle that the Original Horsemen had that drew him in every week on TBS.. 6:05 of course. From Tully Blanchard walking around with the Perfect 10,  Arn Anderson Mic skills, Ole’s Raw toughness, and Ric Flairs all together with a package of mic, and ring skills. Dump also knew he wanted to be a wrestler.

As the years went on a dream of a young man can fade with time, opportunities, and just life getting in the way. When I sat down with Dump he told me stories of his favorite match of Sting Vs Big Van Vader and how he saw Vader move in the ring for a man his size and how tough he was and how he related to him but he didn’t know where to go because in the backwoods of South Carolina there was no local Independents near him they all were running  out of Charleston or Columbia SC.

Even though life was getting in the way from getting older and being Diagnosed with COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) the dream of his was fading and fading away… but  by a chance he found an Independent he could attend and just so happen to be the longest-running weekly Independent wrestling show in South Carolina APW Spartanburg ran by SC Legend Chief Jay Eagle. Dump sat in that crowd and the dream he thought was fading away become a  reality when he met a man by the name of James Hamby.

Dump and James sat and talked about his love for the business and how he always wanted to wrestle. James would help Dump Truk train with the help of Mike Wray would mold Dump Truk into the competitor that is is today. Shortly after being trained Dump Truk would being performing for the company he regained his passion for the business APW Spartanburg. Oh, and what a force Dump Truk was in APW wrestling some of the best young up and comers in the South Carolina Independent scene and the students coming out of APW wrestling school. Dump would tell me he never had more fun and proud in something more than when he was in that ring.

Dump Truk

One of the things Dump talked a lot about was family, he spoke about his mother and especially his father. The respect and love that he had for his father no words I can write would ever compare to what he said. His Father loved wrestling just as much as Dump had but by the time Dump made his way into the business his father had passed away. As any son can understand the loss of a father who you respected so highly is a hard thing to go through. So Dump started working harder on becoming the man and the wrestler he knew who his father knew who he could be. The hard work paid off because almost a year to the date of that tragic day for Dump he won the APW Heavyweight Championship in the APW Arena where it all began. Dump told me he has held many titles in his few years of wrestling but his first one meant the most to him because he felt his fathers presence in the ring with after the win.

One of the things the wrestling business teaches you to overcome your fears and Dump has sure done that. Dump suffers from coulrophobia and if you don’t know what that means. It is a fear of clowns. Threw out his time in APW and various other promotions his opponents have used that against him in different ways including one faithful night he gets knockout and the ring is surrounded by at least 7 clowns ( dump said  it was like 20) the promoter thought they would have to take him to the local ER because of him almost suffering from a heart attack when he awoke to see 7 clowns staring at him. So as time went on Dump decided to face that fear head-on, and what did he do he found the biggest clown he could find a man by the name of Squeaks da Clown. Dump Truk and Squeaks da Clown have formed a Tag Team Called Ice Cream Truk and are currently running through the APW Tag team Division with Tag Team Gold in the near future.

Dump Truk

In my time I have spent with Dump Truk during shows and on the phone, I felt his love for the business of  Professional Wrestling. He works hard at his craft and lives every day to its fullest. You can’t be around him without smiling, and being in a good mood, he is humble, and a student of this business.  When asked who his dream Opponent is he said JD Drake.. that would an awesome Match. Dump Truk is making his way around the Carolinas working for many promotions you can follow him on Facebook just search for Dump Truk and you will find him.

Adam HelmsOriginally written by Adam Helms