Double or Nothing: AEW World Championship Implications Added

With the recent rebranding of the Casino Battle Royale, which will feature 21 talents vying for an opportunity for the All Elite Wrestling World Championship, speculation arose as to how this picture would be completed. The latest episode of “The Road to Double or Nothing,” which aired today, provided more insight into the matter. The picture in question will be completed at Double or Nothing, which airs this Saturday.

While one AEW World Championship contender will be decided in the aforementioned Casino Battle Royale, the other will be decided in the main event. Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho will face off in said event, the winner going on to challenge the Casino Battle Royale victor to determine the first-ever AEW World Champion.

The one piece of information missing from this episode of “The Road to Double or Nothing,” which viewers will inquire about, is when the eventual championship match will take place. This information is likely to be shared following Double or Nothing, so stay tuned to learn more.

Sutter’s Synopsis: With this announcement, the importance of the “Buy-In” preshow has grown exponentially. While it was previously announced that the winner would punch their proverbial ticket for a future AEW World Championship match, fans didn’t know who they would be competing with. Given what we know now, the opportunity for one of these battle royal participants couldn’t be greater. This is especially true for an up-and-comer, such as Jungle Boy or Brian Pillman Jr., looking to make an impact against an established talent.

The Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho feud dates back to late 2017, even before Wrestle Kingdom 12 the year after, and the heat has only developed since then. Whether it was at All In or a smaller independent event, these two have remained interwoven in professional wrestling. At Double or Nothing, they face off in arguably their most important match yet. If they didn’t have enough of a reason to fight this Saturday, the opportunity to compete for the AEW World Championship will only sweeten the deal.