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When #1 Contender Kylie Rae no-showed Bound For Glory, Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo stepped up to keep the show going. The Virtuosa gave an open challenge to anyone in the knockouts division for her Knockouts Championship. She had no idea the risk she was taking, as the villainous Su Yung emerged to answer. After a full year under the alter ego of the cutesy-but-strange Susie, The Undead Bride made her presence known. Su Yung took advantage of a visibly shaken Deonna Purrazzo. Deonna Purrazzo recaptures the Knockouts Championship.


The following week, Deonna Purrazzo stormed into IMPACT! Wrestling executive Scott D’Amore’s office, with Kimber Lee and lawyer RD Evans in tow. Evans informed D’Amore that Purrazzo was preparing to file an injunction against IMPACT! Wrestling, effectively tying up the Knockouts Championship in legal red tape indefinitely. However, she would drop the case altogether if Scott D’Amore stripped Su Yung of the championship and awarded it back to Purrazzo. D’Amore considered the situation carefully before offering her an alternative. Either she could wait for months as the court case drags on and on, or she could face Su Yung in a rematch the following week. Purrazzo accepted the offer before the lights went out, and Su Yung appeared, choking Kimber Lee and RD Evans before spitting blood in Deonna Purrazzo’s face.

The Rematch

The November 3rd episode of IMPACT! Wrestling opened with Deonna Purrazzo and Su Yung’s championship rematch. The match itself was a brief affair, with Purrazzo showing some of her own killer instinct and Su Yung showing her technical skill. Then, Kimber Lee tried to slide a steel chair to Purrazzo, only for Su Yung to intercept it. The Undead Bride unloaded onto The Virtuosa and her lackey with the chair, losing by disqualification but retaining the championship.

Feeling cheated, Purrazzo once again enlisted the help of RD Evans, who stormed into Scott D’Amore’s office shortly after the match. He told D’Amore that this was not the championship rematch he promised Purrazzo the week before and that he needed to make it right. D’Amore agreed and offered Ms.Purrazzo another chance at the Knockouts Championship at Turning Point. This time, to make sure there would be a decisive victory, The Virtuosa and The Undead Bride would meet in a no-disqualification match.

Evening The Odds

On the November 10th episode, Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee gave an interview about the upcoming match. The Virtuosa said she’s never been in a no-DQ match before and that she feels like Su Yung has a home team advantage. However, Purrazzo’s record shows that she excels in new environments. At Emergence, Purrazzo defeated Jordynne Grace in a 30-Minute Ironwoman match, the first in IMPACT Wrestling history. She then turned to Kimber Lee for a comment, only to find her cohort had vanished.

Purrazzo then began searching for her sidekick backstage. There, she came upon a window with “I Think You’re Alone Now” written on it in unsettling red letters. Purrazzo stopped to read the ominous message and received the shock of her life when Kimber Lee’s body suddenly slammed into the glass. Su Yung was up to her mind games again.

Deonna Purrazzo recaptures Knockouts Championship
Turning Point

Their match at Turning Point opened with both women displaying their best technical moves. Then Purrazzo threw a variety of weapons into the ring, including baking sheets, a kendo stick, and painter’s canvas. She kept control of Su Yung in the corner before Yung turned the tides with a kendo stick. In their first trip outside the ring, Purrazzo trapped Su Yung’s arm in the barricade, working it over in preparation for her Venus Di Milo armbar. After untangling herself from the barricade, Yung returned to the ring with Purrazzo to make use of the hardware. Then, on their second venture outside the ring, where Yung delivered a pedigree to Purrazzo on top of the stage.

Yung quickly rolled Purrazzo back into the ring, but not soon enough, as her opponent kicked out at 2. The Undead Bride tries to reclaim control by spitting her red mist, but The Virtuosa blocks it with the canvas before smashing it over Yung’s head. Capitalizing on the creative reversal, The Virtuosa trapped Su Yung in her Venus De Milo armbar, but Yung refuses to tap. After reclaiming control, Su Yung locks in the mandible claw, and Purrazzo starts to fade but finds the strength to reach the ropes. Su Yung then fetches a length of rope with which to strangle Purrazzo, but she fends off the assault. The Virtuosa then catches Su Yung with a cradle piledriver, following up with a pin to capture the Knockouts Championship.

Deonna Purrazzo recaptures Knockouts Championship
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