#Preview: DEFY Wrestling Presents Wolves At The Door

Wrestle Summit is in the books and some things have changed in the landscape of DEFY’s championship titles. Artemis Spencer retained! He continues to be the DEFY Champion and he will go on to defend his title in England where he will be making an appearance at PROGRESS Wrestling. Up next? Wolves at the Door.

Where did the change happen? The 1% are no longer the DEFY Tag Team Champions. In a three-way tag match at Wrestle Summit, they lost to Warbeast, in a winner takes all match. Warbeast now holds the DEFY Tag Team Championship and the PCW Ultra Tag Team Championship, and it looks like Jacob Fatu and Josef will be making an appearance at Washington Hall in Seattle, soon.

With Wrestle Summit under our belt, we look forward to what’s ahead. DEFY has another show coming up soon, on April 13 in Portland Oregon at their home away from home, the Hawthorne Theater.

The folks behind DEFY have been making an effort to put on more shows in Portland Oregon. They are building a steady following and consistently sell out their shows in the City of Roses.

In a couple of weeks, they will have their second show of the year at the Hawthorne and they have an incredible line up in store for fans of wrestling. There is little doubt on April 13, there will be few places most of us would rather be than at this show.

Jimmy Havoc! Nothing more needs to be said. That name alone is worth the price of admission. Jimmy isn’t there for the hell of it, he’ll be taking on Randy Myers in a rematch. There are few matches in DEFY history more entertaining or cringe-worthy than what happened between these two men last summer. This is a must-see event!

This, however, is not all DEFY has in store for those lucky enough to attend Wolves at the Door! It would appear that April 13 is going to be a night of rematches. Schaff and Hammerstone will be having round two of their contentious feud. These two men had a hard-fought battle a couple of months ago. It ended abruptly only to turn into a street fight a few minutes later. It’s clear these two men hate one another and the rules in Oregon are a little more relaxed professional wrestling than they are in Washington state, so this could get interesting.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, we may see the return of a women’s division at DEFY. After several months without a women’s match on the card, we have our first one announced for Wolves at the Door. We will see Danika Della Rouge going up against Riea Von Slasher! This will be a welcome return to a division that has been in limbo since late last year.

We’ll also see the Amerikan Gunz taking on Reno Scum. It looks as though the Gunz are doing some target practice to prepare for a chance to win the tag team title away from Warbeast, As the original title holders, there is little doubt they want those belts back.

We also know that Classic Cody Chhun will be teaming up with Guerrero De Neon to take on Leon Negro and Guillermo Rosas. This is likely to be a contentious match with Rosas looking for some payback against Chhun from the last time he faced a member of the Pride.

Stay tuned for future announcements and a full preview of the card in the coming week. If you don’t have your tickets already it is highly recommended you get them now… if you still can to see Wolves At The Door.