DDT Universe Rebrands Wrestling Streaming Platform

As the endless sea of streaming services continues to churn one ship is flying new flags. DDT Universe, the platform which features the titular DDT Pro Wrestling as well as Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling, Ganbare Pro-Wrestling, Rojo Pro-Wrestling, and NOAH, is rebranding as WRESTLE UNIVERSE, according to a statement by DDT. The rebranding even comes complete with new social media.

In addition, according to the press release by DDT Pro, “There will be no changes to the service itself, pricing, etc.”. Members of DDT Fan-club will continue to tap into their benefits.

Poster announcing the renaming of DDT Universe to WRESTLE Universe
Source: @W_UNIVERSE2020 on twitter

It is exciting to see if more promotions will come under the banner with WRESTLE UNIVERSE. New Japan World and the WWE Network are arguably the biggest wrestling over-the-top streaming services. However, platforms with multiple promotions under their banner are increasingly popular.

DDT Universe Rebrands Wrestling Streaming Platform

The rebranding also shows a shift in perspective in relation to one individual promotion, under the WRESTLE UNIVERSE banner; Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling (TJP). The promotion was announced in 2012 with events beginning in 2013. TJP was originally a very small offshoot of DDT Pro Wrestling itself. It originally featuring Idol unit musical performances. TJP quickly evolved into a promotion worthy of a show at the legendary Korakuen Hall in January 2016. It has done so annually ever since. The rebranding of DDT Universe to WRESTLE UNIVERSE solidifies the status of TJP as on the same level as DDT or NOAH.

Poster of the Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling Roster
Source: @tjpw2013 on Twitter

Finally, with the previously reported Pro-Wrestling NOAH events scheduled for the end of May, this as well along with the DDT TV events. It is safe to say that WRESTLE UNIVERSE will be the home of new Japanese wrestling events, moving forward.

Wrestling fans can enjoy their first month of WRESTLE UNIVERSE free. Each month after the free trial costs only 999 yen/month. For more information, please visit DDT Pro’s official website.

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