David Finlay and Juice Robinson win World Tag League

After 3 weeks of grueling matches, David Finlay and Juice Robinson have been crowned World Tag League winners and earnt an IWGP Heavyweight Tag Championship match at Wrestle Kingdom.

The duo managed to beat 15 other teams in a single bracket tournament to earn the chance to challenge current champion Guerillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa) on the biggest show of the calendar year.

After the tournament, which saw over 100 matches, the final night came down to three teams all fighting for those trophies: Evil and Sanada, David Finlay and Juice Robinson and the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Champions Guerillas of Destiny.

After Tomohiro Ishii and Yoshi Hashi pinned G.O.D in the semi-main event, it was down to winner takes all between Evil and Sanada and FinJuice in the main event.

The match, which lasted over 20 minutes, was packed from start to end showcasing all 4 men’s diverse style. It started with the athleticism of Sanada and Davd Finlay with a series of quick exchanges and reversals. Then the heavy hitters Evil and Juice came in and the crowd’s definitely saw a change in pace.

With four completely different athletes and dynamics, it was a match that had the crowds on the edges of their seats. Both teams had amazing chemistry with each other as well as their partners meaning that there was the match was non-stop from the start to very end.

After a bit of teamwork from David Finlay and Juice Robinson ensured that Sanada was not in the picture during the finals of the World Tag League tournament. Finlay hit a sliced bread to Evil and pinned the King of Darkness. This earnt them the two points they needed to win the entire league.

As Juice and Finlay raised the trophies, the rest of Taguchi Japan and the main unit came out to celebrate with the pair who have gone through so much in the last few months.

There were hugs all around and the duo finally got what they’d been waiting for: Happy Beers!

The duo then called out G.o.D and the match is now set for Wrestle Kingdom 14 at some point. This was a massive achievement for the pair and hopefully, this momentum will help them come January.

With World Tag League now finished, the road is well and truly on for Wrestle Kingdom!