“Crusher Doogan’ passes away at the age of 49

In tragic news from the world of independent wrestling, as a longtime face and member of the New York Wrestling Connection. John “Crusher Doogan’ Mair has passed away. Mair was recognized as training under the Malenko family during his early years. He was recognized as being behind the wrestling school and promotion NYWC early on as well. The school helped to develop the likes of Tony Nese, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, Alex Reynolds, and John Silver.

The outpouring of support and sadness shared among the community has been grown over the past few days. Crusher Doogan was reported as passing away a few days ago but his outreach and impact on the community has continued to grow. While Mair’s career was primarily in the role of promoter and owner that isn’t to say he didn’t step. The most recent match that he was recorded to have competed in was in 2011 with ECW alumni and former ECW Champion Mikey Whipwreck and Raven among others.

As evident by its website, NYWC has been in operation for quite a long time. Those that either been a part of the promotion’s past, present and future are noted.

Long Island’s oldest and most successful professional wrestling school, NYWC has been training young talent since 2001. NYWC has produced many dynamic wrestlers. They include several that have been featured in the WWE, TNA /IMPACT Wrestling and NJPW.

Their wrestling academy is currently overseen by head trainer and former WWE NXT talent Bull Dempsey (also known as Bull James). Assisting Dempsey is Rex Lawless. The academy will also have guest trainers attend as well.

What is interesting to note was that Mair’s last tweet was a retweet for New York Wrestling Connection returning online January 22nd, the day before his passing. His commitment to his beloved NYWC never waivered.