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A wild heart never cries; it roars – Magical verses. When it comes to Wild Heart Cole Radrick, this statement couldn’t be more accurate. Influenced early on by the likes of Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, Kane, Taz, Crash Holly, Kurt Angle, and Jacqueline, Radrick had a fondness for talent that was as much tied to the quality of talent as he was their personality. As Radrick continued to evolve his ability, it was emerging independent talents that he looked at that were his beacons of inspiration. JC Bailey, El Generico, and Chris Sabin.

He began his training at the age of sixteen. While in his hometown of Indianapolis, Radrick trained for a local company. Unfortunately, he lost his connection with his original trainer and needed to restart. Radrick’s story restarted in 2014 when he resumed training with New Wave Pro in Terre Haute, Indiana. This took place the following year when Radrick was still at the tender age of seventeen. For Radrick, finding acceptance amongst his peers was never a concern even early on. They must have seen the determination of the Wild Heart so present today.

From the Beginning

Cole Radrick
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Every wrestling fan has a story as to what made them fall in love with the sport. The same can be said for every wrestler too. For Cole Radrick, he recalls watching Raw and Smackdown with his brother between the ages of five and six. These were his first memories as a fan.

What made it all the more intriguing was that the siblings snuck turned their television on while their parents were in their bedroom. They would watch the programs “secretly.” The expectations from their parents that they would have the television off by 8 pm. Little did they know, Cole and his sibling were watching The Undertaker submerging Paul Bearer in cement.

Cole Radrick

As an in-ring performer, Radrick recalls the flood of emotions that filled his mind as he walked through the curtain for the first time. It was the realization that he was living his dream and finally doing what he always wanted to do, and that’s competing. Cole’s young career has already had its share of memorable moments. However, his match against Air Pro at Glory Pro Wrestling’s Gateway To Glory tournament. When sharing why it was so significant, Radrick’s rationale had little to do with it being a first or last match but a moment of renewed confidence.

 I was coming back from an injury and was in my head a lot about some of my recent matches. I felt like my match with Air Wolf brought a new confidence within myself and my abilities. We had a really solid match for our experience levels I felt like. I would really like to wrestle him again and see what Round Two would bring.

The five-year pro has best described his style as nothing more than someone who competes at warp speed. While many will take a moment to reflect on what they will do next, Radrick moves too quickly. A full-throttle, pedal to the metal mindset has made this self-described ‘human demolition derby’ someone fans best not turn away from watching while he’s in the ring.

Cole Radrick
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For many of today’s talent, the key to success is to stand out. Cole Radrick’s most significant challenge by his admission was to improve and evolve as a wrestler. Many of today’s talent will push themselves to be better and change wrestling. It is a challenge that he fully embraces and enjoys being a part of today’s wrestling evolution on the independent scene. He sees independent wrestling’s growth and is an active part of that. Radick’s ‘wild heart’ is the embodiment of who he is and what he believes. He pushes himself beyond the limits both inside and out of the ring. His love of demolition derbies, hornet racing, and dirtbike racing best define this adrenaline junkie.

Wrestling’s New Adrenaline Junkie

He’s grateful for those that stand by him and support him through his wrestling journey today. Armed with a support system behind him, Radrick’s commitment to growth has faith that anything is possible. Those standing behind him are as invested in him as he is. They want to see him succeed as much as he does.

With wrestling, much like the world amid a pandemic, Radrick continues to have aspirations to compete worldwide. He wants to travel and competes in the likes of Japan, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Radick doesn’t want to limit himself to one area to compete in. With increased opportunities to compete worldwide, it will come with new matches and a greater chance to learn.

Photo / Mouse Wresting Adventures

His sights are set high on where he wants to be in the future. Whether its AEW, IMPACT or WWE, Cole Radrick would love to be in a major promotion and prove himself on a national stage. But more than anything, he wants to continue to show fans that he is the absolute best there is in wrestling today.