Christopher Annino – The Invincible Intimidator Pitbull #3

Christopher Annino won the World Title, has a hit film, and has a successful concert. Annino is a man of many crafts. He literally has done everything you can think of. He graduated from Mitchell College with his bachelors.

After college, he wanted to get into playing music. He got his first gig with singer and guitarist Christine Olmon, where he played guitar and sang with her for a couple of years since Chris has a strong love for music.

He was inspired to create his own music company. He owns and is co-founder of “The New England Music Hall of Fame.” He inducts music artists and bands only from in the New England area.

To induct big-name stars like, “Donna Summer and Cherrie Currie. This year, on September 30th, 2023, he held the New England Music Hall of Fame at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Massachusetts. He had a sold-out theater of 500 people!

He had bands playing, such as, “Stormstress, Goldie and the Gingerbreads, and many more bands played that night. His show was a major success. Next year, they will honor artists on the West Coast. The inductees for 2024 will be Tina Turner and Little Richard, just to name a few.

He also got into making films. He has directed and produced many movies, such as a film called “Silent Times,” “East Side Zombies,” “The Picture Bowl,” and many other films.  He recently starred in his world premiere movie that came out on September 9th.

The film was called “Covid Karma.” It was a mockumentary of his life and his struggles with mental health. He is a strong advocate for supporting people with mental health. Chris also advocates for the Special Olympics, helping people suffering with disabilities.

Christopher Annino
[Photo: ChristopherAnnino]

Christopher Annino – The Intimidator Pitbull #3

Chris, when going to school, was bullied by his peers. Also, teachers would say to him he wouldn’t make it in college, but he proved them all wrong. When Chris hears the word no, he does everything in his power to get what he wants to achieve his goal.

Christopher Annino himself struggles with mental health. He has Asperger’s and a learning disability. Although Chris struggles with his disorder and disabilities, he doesn’t let that stop him from achieving his goals and dreams. He has done many strong-man competitions and powerlifting. He always pushes himself to beat a record that someone has done before him.

Also, he is a supporter of the LBGTQ community. He produced a movie called, “Trans Rights are Human Rights,” and he won the Iconic community awareness award at the Iconic Film Festival. Today, Chris is still doing filmmaking. next year he will have a world premiere of his new movie, “The Lollipop Gang.”

Chris was also an EMT and a firefighter. He did these occupations for a couple of years. He later got into wrestling. He grew up watching wrestling as a kid. His favorite wrestlers were Bam Bam Bigelow, Andre the Giant, Bret Hart, and Jim Neidhart.

When he first started out to be a wrestler, he went to wrestling school, and Susan Tex Green trained him. The first character he had in the ring was a firefighter gimmick. He called his tag team “Rescue 911”, which he used from his prior firefighter experience.

He also does documentaries and is a co-founder of The Women’s Wrestling Hall of Fame. To honor women wrestlers who had made an impact and deserve to have their accomplishments known to the wrestling world.

Later, he was mentored by ECW original Angel Orsini and Gary Wolf, which furthered his teachings in wrestling. Later on, he joined Gary Wolf’s ECW tag team called “The Pitbulls” along with former WWE wrestler Jazz and ECW original Angel Orsini.

Today, Christopher Annino is stronger than ever from pulling a car for a few miles. To lift a dumpster can and doing reps with it. Also, he lifted a big 500-pound log and walked around with it on his shoulder. He is truly the world’s strongest man.

Chris still wrestles today, and ECW’s Pitbull Gary Wolf declared him as Pitbull Number 3, The intimidator. He is being taught not only by Gary Wolf and Angel Orsini but is also being taught by Broadway Joe, who was trained by the Great Malenko.

Chris will be doing a lot of wrestling for the next years to come. He will assemble a Broadway Bounty Hunters team with Broadway Joe and several other wrestlers in the New England Area.

Chris just went to California to wrestle a six-person tag team. Robby Phoenix and Suma Te Woke La were his three tag team partners for this match. They all won the Title Belts for the United States of America Six Person championship title belts.

It was the first-ever six-person tag team where any gender can compete in this. The free bird rule applies meaning at any place and at any time, a person can defend it to any winners.

Next, he will be going to Florida. He will be working with the Wrestling Empire to help support Kids Helping Kids Fall Carnival. It will take place on i-75 Flea Market 4121 NW 44th Avenue, Ocala, Florida.

He will have his valet/ manager, Marsha Maraschino, beside him. The two other members of his tag team will be announced on the day of the event. Christopher Annino will also lift weights and train in the ring with Pitbull number 1, Gary Wolf. Chris will be doing several matches with Gary Wolf from October to the end of December.

There is so much in store for Christopher Annino. With now being an official part of the Pitbulls as Pitbull 3 The Intimidator. With Gary Wolf on his team, along with ECW original Angel Orsini. With his valet for the ring, Marsha Maraschino, who is also Chris, is engaged to be married to her in real life.

Chris has so many things going on for him, from The New England Music Hall of Fame to the Women’s Wrestling Hall of Fame, with him making films and documentaries.

However, wrestling is his one true love, to which his heart belongs to the most. He will be known down the road for being the greatest wrestler in history. Just you watch and see.