CHIKARA Cibernetico 2020 (Part 1) | Review

The Wrestle Factory underwent a strange change for this year’s Cibernetico event! This new setting for the show, however, comes not by way of current events. No, we can thank the Crucible (especially Ophidian) for the “facelift” given to Cibernetico. Fans and wrestlers outside of those already scheduled for matches cannot enter the building. The ring, surrounded by a red glow, gives off a mood of mystery. Lit candles and hanging lanterns burn around the facility. Here is the CHIKARA Cibernetico 2020 Review (Part 1).

This is no doubt Crucible country, but will we see Ophidian’s crew victorious in the end? The best way to find out is to keep watching IWTV and CHIKARAtopia over the upcoming weeks ahead!

CHIKARA Cibernetico 2020 Review (Part 1)

Match 1: Boomer Hatfield vs. Sonny Defarge

This year’s Cibernetico event will air in multiple parts, but you absolutely can’t miss part one! The opening match between Boomer and Defarge is a real classic. Here, finally, was Boomer’s chance to prove himself. Yes, he’s a Hatfield, but young Boomer’s his own man now. Defarge, however, would do his best to prove otherwise. I believe that Sonny Defarge will be the next breakout star in CHIKARA, and this match shows why! Boomer is an amazing talent in the ring, but Defarge is a beast. He’s got power and size that really allow him to stand out.

Hatfield vs. Defarge opened this year’s Cibernetico event just right. This was the longest match of Part 1, but every moment was riveting. I was solidly behind Boomer for the win, but there’s no denying Defarge when he’s at his finest. Sonny took the victory here after showing off some mind-blowing strength and athleticism. Take nothing away, however, from Boomer’s performance here. Both these guys put on one that’s hard to follow!

Match 2: Cabana Man Dan vs. BLANK

Fans who are new to CHIKARA will likely enjoy the unique camerawork in these Cibernetico matches. The ‘cinematic’ technique has become popular lately, but to see such new camera angles on the indie scene is pretty cool indeed. I’m sure this new POV camera work fit even BLANK’s finicky style, too.

The second match in this year’s Cibernetico event was the showdown between BLANK and Cabana Man Dan. The artist has been vocal about Our Dan being too tacky for his taste, but does BLANK even realize that CHIKARA runs on kitsch? I had a fun time watching Dan and BLANK go back and forth in battle here. Very satisfying match that saw Cabana Man Dan get the well-deserved victory in the end while BLANK was able to make his moves look like a work of art.

Match 3: F.I.S.T. vs. Red Queen and One-Eyed Jack

As if F.I.S.T couldn’t be any cockier! The tag team legends of CHIKARA came into Cibernetico with two points already scored towards the three needed for their move towards the Campeones de Parejas titles. Icarus especially has been proud of this feat, and with this match, he and Travis Huckabee were out for point number three.

However, Red Queen and One-Eyed Jack have shown that they’re just as much a formidable team as F.I.S.T. despite being the new faces (pun intended) on the scene. I’d say that this was the most evenly paired tag team match I’ve seen recently. The teamwork shown by both sides in this match is very impressive. As much as I wanted the Queen and her Jack to come through with the win here, the victory went in the end to the solid and established F.I.S.T. who were ready and able to capitalize on any missteps made by their opponents. With this win, Icarus and Huckabee now look ahead to the Bird and the Bee as their next obstacle in the way of becoming the new Campeones de Parejas.

Excellent matches so far! If Part 1 of Cibernetico 2020 is any indicator of what we’ve got to look forward to in upcoming weeks, then we are in for a nice summer treat! Check out the replay on IWTV and CHIKARAtopia to get caught up and ready for Part 2 this Saturday!