Central Empire Wrestling Champions Prevail at CEW Homecoming

The last time Central Empire Wrestling was in Oskaloosa, Iowa, two championships changed hands. A new Heavyweight Champion was crowned, and a new team donned the Tag Team Championships. That same night, Valentina Loca successfully retained her CEW Women’s Championship. Fast forward to last night, CEW Homecoming, and this time around, all three champions walked out of Oskaloosa titles intact.


JT Energy Wins Rematch With Donnie Peppercricket

JT Energy became Central Empire Wrestling Heavyweight Champion during CEW’s last show in Oskaloosa. The “Booty King,” with an assist from Tim Rhodes, defeated Donnie Peppercricket that night. It was a shocking betrayal because Rhodes and Peppercricket were once CEW Tag Team Champions. Over 500 days later and we got the rematch. 

But this wasn’t going to be your regular, run-of-the-mill singles match; no, this was a Last Man Standing Match. After the bell rang, Energy exited the ring, looking to avoid his possible comeuppance. However, Peppercricket, not one to let this happen, chased the champion around the building. 

The CEW Hall of Famer held nothing back against the arrogant champion. Looking to inflict more damage, Peppercricket brought a steel chair into the ring. Energy’s perfectly placed kick kept him out of harms way of the chair. With Peppercricket reeling, Energy slammed the steel chair onto his challenger’s back multiple times.

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Central Empire Wrestling Champions Retain Championships

Berating the fans at every turn, Energy took his time continuing Peppercricket’s punishment. His onslaught ended when the “Pop Icon” hulked up. Peppercricket hit Energy with a big boot before landing a picture-perfect leg drop, with the crowd losing their minds. Energy, the tenacious champion he is, barely beat the ten count. 

The chair once again swung the momentum into Energy’s favor. He Irish whipped Peppercricket into the chair after it was placed between the middle and top turnbuckle by Peppercricket himself. Showing how tough he is, Peppercricket got to his feet before the count reached ten.

After avoiding Energy’s attempt at hitting him with a foreign object, Peppercricket pulled off a beautiful seated tombstone pile driver.

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But, once again, the champion beat the ten count, barely rising to his feet at nine. With his championship possibly slipping away, Energy unscrewed the turnbuckle before hitting Peppercricket across the head with the metal portion. This devastating blow proved too much as Peppercricket was unable to answer the ten count. Feeding off the fan’s hatred and boos, Energy stood tall over his fallen foe to end the show. 

Central Empire Wrestling Champions Retain Titles

But, before he could make his exit, Energy was confronted by CEW promoter Austin Bayliss. Referencing all of the despicable things Energy has done in CEW, including popping Bayliss’ son’s balloons on his birthday, Bayliss let him know Energy had it coming. Bayliss then announced the main event for Bridge City Slam 3. JT Energy versus Eric Red Beard for the CEW Championship. 

When Red Beard was still in WWE, then known as Eric Rowan, he embarrassed Energy on an episode of Monday Night Raw. The CEW fans erupted in joy before serenading Energy with “You Suck” and “Red Beard’s Gonna Kill You” chants. Naturally, this huge announcement didn’t sit well with the champ who exited Oskaloosa hands to ears in attempts to drown out the fans’ jeers. 

Valentina Loca Fends Off Newcomer Kelsey Magnolia

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At Bridge City Slam 2, after a long pursuit, Valentina Loca became CEW Women’s Champion. It was supposed to be the start of a long reign she had desired. However, her time at the top couldn’t have started better after she defeated Branae. It was her first defense and turned out to be one of Branae’s final independent matches before signing with NXT. 

After the defense, she set out to be a fighting champion, but the COVID pandemic spoiled those plans. Returning to Oskaloosa, she had to defend the title against newcomer Kelsey Magnolia, who was making her debut. Trained by Kane and Dr. Tom Pritchard, Magnolia brought an energy and attitude that didn’t sit well with the CEW faithful. 

Loca dominated early, using her experience to keep her challenger off balance. It wasn’t until Magnolia faked an injury that Loca’s title reign was in peril. With the champion reeling, Magnolia slammed Loca’s back into the steel ring post three separate times. Motivated by the overwhelming support of the CEW fans, Loca pulled off a brilliant surprise roll-up to remain CEW Women’s Champion. 

After the match, Big Bad Wallace and the “Manager Supreme” Axel Greece came out and confronted the champion. Wallace was obviously still upset about being embarrassed by Loca during the CEW 4th of July in Clinton, Iowa show. 

Rory Fox & Jared Thumb Defeat Damien Saint & Mason Reaper For the Second Time

Central Empire Wrestling Champions
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During the CEW 4th of July show in Clinton, Iowa, these four battled all over the Clinton FairGrounds. A wild brawl saw the reigning champions, Rory Fox and Jared Thumb, emerge victorious. Hell-bent on revenge, Saint and Reaper quickly demanded a rematch. Fox and Saint started the match, but Saint quickly tagged out. The rivalry between Fox and Saint continues to intensify each time they step in the ring. 

After a quick flurry of offense from the champions, Reaper was able to slow down the attack with some impressive power moves. However, it wouldn’t be long until Saint and Reaper isolated Rory Fox. Then, the two creatures of the night took turns punishing Fox. Reaper with body slams and choke holds, and Saint with vicious kicks and chops. 

After taking a high amount of punishment, Fox was finally able to tag in Jared Thumb. The Oskaloosa crowd erupted when Thumb met the challengers with a double clothesline. Thumb’s fired-up assault met a quick end when he was hit by a running knee by Saint. 

Central Empire Wrestling Champions Retain Titles

Back in control, the “Heretic” relished in punishing Thumb. However, a miscommunication between Saint and Reaper led to the challenger’s demise. Fed up with Saint’s continued criticisms, Reaper two hand choke slammed Saint. This led to Reaper being hit with a Superman Punch from Thumb, followed by a Tiger Driver by Rory Fox. A simple three count later, and Fox and Thumb were still Central Empire Wrestling Tag Team Champions. 

After the match, Fox called out Saint, telling the man who cost him the CEW Championship during CEW PowerSlam season two that he wasn’t done with him yet. Saint met Fox and Thumb’s challenge for another match at Bridge City Slam 3 in September, with a hesitant yes. Announcing that Gangrel would be his partner come to Bridge City Slam gave Saint a boost of confidence after the loss.