CDC Recommends Cancellation of Events with 50 or more people

The Center for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) recommends the cancellation or postponement of events of more than 50 people. With earlier reports circulating that events of more than 250 people be canceled, the belief was smaller promotions to hold events. However, AAW Pro announced yesterday that their upcoming event EPIC has been postponed. The same could be said about Limitless Wrestling’s whose upcoming Cause for Alarm has been canceled. Of course, these cancellations all lead to what is the single biggest wrestling event of the year in WrestleMania and its future. As it stands things are looking bleak.

This decision has likely forced the hand of the administration of the WWE. For all intent and purposes, they may do everything in their power to have the event take place. They may have the best of intentions in having the event take place (even if it is an empty arena). The concern is the event in itself may involve more than 50 employees at the event. Between referees, in-ring talent, producers, commentators, backstage interviewers, ring crew…etc it has to exceed 50 people. As many are becoming aware the incubation period before something shows is 10-14 days.

Even leading up to the event those involved in the show move around regularly. With events happening from city to city, how do they ensure that everyone is being cognizant of their actions? Taxes,  rental cars, bathrooms, catering, washroom door handles, public restroom sinks, and airports are just some of the areas that those involved in the event have to ensure they haven’t been contact with.

As it stands it is currently March 16th with April 10th less than a month away. While they likely are holding out hope. If they don’t cancel the event a greater loss could be felt.

With the CDC advised cancellation of events with 50 or more people, when does the WWE make a decision on the future of WrestleMania?