Bryce Jordyn Wins IPW Championship | Boyhood Dream Comes True

Bryce Jordyn Wins IPW Championship

Two months ago, “Golden Boy” Bryce Jordyn unsuccessfully cashed in his Impact Pro Wrestling Golden Ticket. During the IPW 20 Year Anniversary Show, Jordyn failed to win the Heavyweight Championship from The Big Picture. It was the match of the night that had the Forte Center fans on the edge of their seats. 

Post-match, while The Big Picture made his way to the locker, Jordyn took a moment to gather his thoughts. You could tell, coming so close but falling just short, not only disappointed Jordyn but also lit a fire inside the Golden Boy. But, luckily for Jordyn, he wouldn’t have to wait long to get another shot at The Big Picture. 

Last night, during the IPW George Tragos/Lou Thesz Hall of Fame Show, Jordyn once again found himself in the main event across from the long-time champ. But, this time, Jordyn wouldn’t be denied. Defying the odds, he defeated The Big Picture to become the new IPW Heavyweight Champion. 

Winning the championship in front of a huge contingent of supporters, it was apparent how important this moment was. Fighting back the tears, the new champion was hoisted on the shoulders of his peers. He took in all the cheers before being met with an overwhelming amount of congratulatory hugs from his fellow wrestlers, fans, and family. 

Historic Reign

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Before getting into the details of this monumental title change, we need to discuss the reign that came to a close. For 850 days, The Big Picture held the Impact Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. It’s the single longest reign in the IPW’s 20 years of existence. Winning after his own Golden Ticket cash-in, he defended it by hook or by crook for damn near three years. 

A who’s who of IPW stars were unable to wrangle the gold from the Big Picture. From IPW veterans James Jeffries, Justin Decent, and the Death Dealer to up-and-comers Jaxon King, Jimmy Wylde, and even Bryce Jordyn himself, no one was able to end the big man’s reign at the top. With his gold now gone, it will be interesting to see how The Big Picture responds to this adversity. 

The Match

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The champion made his way out first. His signature entrance, complete with Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla,” always arousing a reaction from the audience. Jordyn entered next to a raucous ovation from the IPW faithful in Waterloo. Unlike their meeting two months ago, this one started fast and furious for Jordyn. Utilizing his speed, Jordyn kept the champion off balance early. So much so that Big Picture had to make an early escape to the crowd for some added preparation stretching. 

Eventually, the size and power of Big Picture came into play. Multiple times he countered Jordyn’s high-flying offense with sidewalk slams and powerful throws. The first near fall that brought fans to their feet was a massive powerbomb by The Big Picture. Knowing he needed more to defeat Jordyn on this night, Big Picture attempted a pile driver on the apron, which was reversed into a DDT by Jordyn. 

The Golden Boy earned his first close two counts after a full-body splash from the top turnbuckle. But the champion got his shoulder up just in the nick of time. With the champion reeling, Jordyn went for his “Destino” finishing move. Unfortunately, just like at the 20-Year Anniversary Show, Big Picture countered it into a tombstone pile driver. This time, however, Jordyn kicked out at two, much to the chagrin of the champion. 

Bryce Jordyn Wins IPW Championship
Impact Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

With his challenger proving even more difficult to defeat, The Big Picture uncharacteristically climbed to the top turnbuckle. Before he could execute his top rope attack, Jordyn kipped up and sent the champion crashing to the mat. Jordyn’s top rope elbow drop splash to a standing Big Picture gave the crowd in Waterloo the closest two count of the match. 

With doubt creeping in, Jordyn soon found himself hoisted onto the Big Picture’s shoulders. Normally this would end with an F5 followed by The Big Picture having his hand raised in victory.  Not on this night though, Jordyn countered the finishing maneuver into a cross face. 

Just like two months ago, the crowd found themselves at the edge of their seats waiting to see if Big Picture would submit. Credit to the champion for fighting through the pain before countering the hold into a massive power slam. 

After a back and forth of haymakers between the two exhausted competitors, Jordyn hit the “Destino” for the monumental three count. The crowd erupted; Jordyn looked around in disbelief, the magnitude of the moment not fully settling in until he was greeted by his mentor James Jeffries. The two embraced in celebration. As the ring flooded with fellow IPW wrestlers, everyone in attendance could see that Bryce Jordyn was living his “Boyhood dream has come true” moment in front of their very eyes. Congratulations as Bryce Jordyn Wins IPW Championship.

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