Bray Wyatt – The Fiend To an Ends

After months of failing to appear on WWE television, Bray Wyatt reemerged as a character so dark, so twisted that the sheer sight of him would create fear and panic from onlookers.

This was when the psyche of Bray Wyatt took a very different turn and spawned another persona. A persona that was known as The Fiend.

The Fiend debut before Summer Slam 2019. He was born on the 31st of October 2015 on the WWE YouTube channel called “Bray Wyatt and the Man in the Woods: Superstar Ghost Stories.”

The line that Bray Wyatt used was, “And that is when I saw it. He was about 7-foot-tall walking upright. No pigment in his skin. He was pale as a pearl. He had thin yellow hair running all over the way down to his knees”.

Bray Wyatt – lEt hIm iN

At WrestleMania 30, he lost to John Cena. This started the decline of Wyatt. The next year he took on the undertaker at WrestleMania 31 and lost. Then after that, he had meaningless feuds that didn’t really mean much. One feud that did matter was the feud with Randy Orton.

Randy joined his family and won the Rumble with the help of Bray. He won the SmackDown tag team championships with Wyatt, and Luke Harper lost the tag champions. On February 12th, 2017, at the PPV called Elimination 2017, he won the WWE championship, one of the biggest wins in his career.

Orton burned the Wyatt family compound where sister Abigail was buried. He then lost the WWE champions to Randy at WrestleMania 33. They had a couple of matches after that, but Wyatt never won the champions.

He took on the demon Finn Balor and lost at SummerSlam 2017. He then fell into a rival with broken Matt Hardy. It leads to Wyatt getting pushed into the “lake of reincarnation” by Hardy.

Bray Wyatt returns to help Hardy to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Hardy took time off due to injuries, and the team disbands.

More Inhumane Than Human

In April 2019, we saw vignettes of sinister buzzard puppets, witch doll, and other puppets. Then we saw the firefly fun house hosted by a friendly Bray Wyatt. There was Mercy the Buzzard (inspired by the cult leader Bray Wyatt), Abby the witch (the spirit of sister Abigail), the rabbit called Rambling Rabbit, and then Husks the pig boy (who was referred to Wyatt’s old gimmick Husky Harris).

In the firefly fun house, we had a painting of when Randy burned the Wyatt compound down. He had a cut out of the cult leader Bray Wyatt and cut him with a chainsaw. Wyatt kept on repeating, “let him in”.

Slowly we saw him, the mask and clothes of the fiend. Wyatt told us that “he will protect us.” Then on the July 15th episode of Raw, he attacked a former enemy that was Finn Balor.

At SummerSlam 2019, he lost to the demon Finn Balor. But now he is stronger and more deadly. He destroyed Finn Balor in 3 min and 25 seconds. Writing a wrong. On the following raw, he attacked Mick Foley and took the mandible claw. At Clash of Champions 2019, he attacks Seth Rollins.

At that year’s hell in a cell, the fiend was unstoppable. This made Seth snap, and he burned the fiend underneath several weapons and hit the Fiend with a sledgehammer.

This led to a DQ, but this didn’t stop him. At Crown Jewels, he defeated Rollins in a falls count anyway match for the universal championship.

He later got drafted to Smackdown and made a demonic version of the Universal championship. His next feud was with Daniel Bryan (who joined and turned his back on the Wyatt family). He defeated him at Survivor Series. The following smackdown, he ripped off his hair and beard.

He took on the Miz at TLC, and he used the fire funhouse version of Bray and beat the Miz. After the match, he got attacked by Daniel Bryan. Then both had a match at that year’s Rumble and took on Bryan in a strap match. Which Wyatt won.

He lost the title to Goldberg at Super Showdown in Saudi. The next night he challenged John Cena to match a WrestleMania 36. The match was different to anything else we seemed. It was called “the Firefly fun house match”. He defeated Cena. He is getting his win back.

He then took on an old family member in the universal champion Braun Strowman. He defeated him at money in the bank. He used his firefly funhouse version of himself. He then took on him in a Wyatt swap match. Wyatt used his old cult leader gimmick to defeat Strowman.

On the July 31 SmackDown episode, he attacked Alexa Bliss, who Strowman had an affection for. Two weeks Strowman attacked Bliss. At SummerSlam, Wyatt won the universal champion for Strowman in a falls count anywhere.

After the match, Roman Reigns returned and attacked both men. A week later, at Payback, Roman beat Strowman and Wyatt for the Universal Championship.

The fiend attacked Kevin Owens, and he defeated KO on an episode of Smackdown. After the match, he joined Alexis Bliss. In the 2020 draft, he moved to Raw with Bliss. He went for an old rival in Randy Orton, remembering the pain. At TLC 2020, he took on Orton in a firefly inferno match and got burned in the match.

On Fastlane 2020, Orton took on Bliss in a match. Bliss won due to the return of the buried version of the fiend. Orton and Wyatt had a match at WrestleMania 37. Wyatt, with a new mask and costume, lost to Orton due to the distraction of Bliss when she came out of the box with black gloo.

Orton won the match. In the next episode of Raw, Wyatt said there is no more Bliss and we are going to start fresh. This was the last time we saw Wyatt on WWE TV due to WWE releasing him.

Always remember to let him in.