Brace For IMPACT for 8/4/2020 | (Eddie Edwards defends title) | Preview

It’s astonishing how quickly the online chatter about IMPACT! Wrestling went from how bad it could get to how good it’s going to be. The return of old favorites like Eric Young and MCMG and the signing of talent like Heath Miller and The Good Brothers signifies something special. Who would have guessed during the rocky road to Slammiversary that we would find ourselves on the cusp of a new age for IMPACT! Wrestling? Let’s see if they can keep this hot streak going and remain one of the most talked-about promotions in wrestling. Here’s what we can expect from IMPACT! Wrestling on AXS TV. This is Brace For IMPACT for 8/4/2020.

Interview with Motor City Machine Guns

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Just two weeks removed from their tag team championship victory, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin will sit down with Jimmy Jacobs. After defeating the longest-reigning tag team champions in IMPACT! Wrestling history, MCMG probably have a lot on their minds. The new champs will tell us what the titles mean to them, the significance of a second championship run, and what we can expect from their reign. Jimmy Jacobs has the scoop!

Rich Swann Makes an Announcement

Brace For IMPACT! for 8/4/2020
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Last week we heard from Rich Swann via satellite, and he told us he was in a bad way. He had just returned from 7 months of injury, only for Eric Young to put him back on the shelf. He couldn’t answer too many questions last week, but he did promise he would make the announcement in person. This week, he returns to the IMPACT! Zone to discuss his future and what he has in store for Eric Young.

Brace For IMPACT for 8/4/2020

TNA Championship: Moose (c) vs Heath

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On IMPACT! Backstage, Heath managed to coax Moose into giving him a TNA World Championship match, despite Heath not working for TNA. After Moose stormed off, Scott D’Amore showed up to remind Heath that he doesn’t work for IMPACT! either. But D’Amore likes the cut of Heath’s jib and offered to sign him if he can defeat Moose for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship this week. Can Heath make his way onto the IMPACT! Roster? If not, how many tries will he get this time?

Brace For IMPACT for 8/4/2020

IMPACT World Championship: Eddie Edwards (c) vs TBA

Brace For IMPACT for 8/4/2020
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When Eddie Edwards won the IMPACT World Championship, he promised to be a fighting champion. He promised that he would defend the Impact World Championship week to week. Last week, Eddie Edwards kept to his word and defended the IMPACT World Championship against Trey. This week will see his second title defense, however this week we don’t know who his opponent will be. Certainly a risky move by any champion, but certainly on-brand for someone as reckless as Eddie Edwards. Who will the mystery opponent be? Will Eddie prevail? Find out Tuesday night at 8PM on AXS TV.

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