Brace For IMPACT for 2/10/22 (Purrazzo Open Challenge)

IMPACT Wrestling is in a position they haven’t been in since 2005 as we Brace for IMPACT for 2/10/22. With the sudden influx of former ROH talent and the return of NJPW’s BULLET CLUB, more and more eyes are being turned towards their product. Matt Taven and Honor No More are set to square off against IMPACT’s best in a 10-man Hardcore War at No Surrender, but could that match be the beginning of a 3-way war in IMPACT Wrestling?

We’ll have to keep watching as the jibes and barbs begin to add up. Brace for IMPACT as we break down everything you can expect this Thursday night at 8 PM on AXS TV.

Deonna Purrazzo Issues Open Challenge

Deonna Purrazzo Issues an Open Challenge [Photo: IMPACT!]
“The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo has entered a fascinating new phase in her career. Having lost her Knockouts Championship rematch against Mickie James at Hard to Kill, The Virtuosa placed her remaining stock in the AAA Reina de Reinas championship. Then, on January 13th, she challenged ROH Women’s Champion Rok-C to a winner-take-all match, exiting The Factory with two belts.

This week, Deonna Purrazzo will issue an open challenge for either one of her championships. But who could respond? Tasha Steelz might like to have some practice defeating a champion before her Knockouts Championship match with Mickie James on February 19th. Jordynne Grace probably wants another belt after losing the Digital Media Championship to Matt Cardona.

We could also see Lady Frost, Masha Slamovich, Tenille Dashwood, or perhaps even someone completely unknown. Tune in this Thursday to find out who steps up to challenge The Virtuosa.

Brace For IMPACT for 2/10/22
Mickie James vs. Chelsea Green

Mickie James (shown on the left) faces Chelsea Green (shown on the right) [Photo: IMPACT!]
Back on January 22nd, Chelsea Green faced #1 Contender Tasha Steelz in singles action. Knockouts Champion Mickie James sat in on commentary for this match between Steelz, her opponent at No Surrender, and Green, who has become very close with James in recent weeks. Chelsea Green and Tasha Steelz had an impressive, hard-hitting battle before Steelz planted Green with a crucifix bomb for the win.

Last week, Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans interrupted Mickie James mid-interview with some trash talk and intimidation. When it looked like Steelz and Evans were about to lay into the Knockouts Champion, Chelsea Green came to her aid, sending the challengers packing. Afterwards, Mickie James thanked Chelsea Green and offered her a match for this week.

In a sea of bitter rivalries, this friendly match is sure to be a refreshing change of pace. Unless, of course, Steelz and Evans muscle their way in.

Brace For IMPACT for 2/10/22
Brian Myers vs. W Morrissey –
No Disqualifications

Brace For IMPACT for 2/10/22
Brian Myers (shown on the left) faces W. Morrissey (shown on the right) in a No DQ Match-Up [Photo: IMPACT!]
Last week on IMPACT Wrestling W Morrissey took on what might be one of the biggest challenges in his career. Having started a mini-feud with The Learning Tree, Morrissey took on not only VSK and Zicky Dice but Bull Anderson, El Ridiculoso, Frankie Coverdale, Jaden Jenkins, Jr. Silvestre, Ozzy Kilmeister & Pistol Black. It took Morrissey 3 minutes on the dot to pick up a victory before his nine opponents started a beatdown.

Morrissey threw the nine men off of him before IMPACT World Champion Moose hit him with a brutal Spear. Moose and Morrissey are headed to a singles match for the IMPACT World Championship at No Surrender, but before that can happen, there’s one member of The Learning Tree Morrissey hasn’t defeated yet. That man is the founder and leader of The Learning Tree, Brian Myers.

The No-DQ stipulation benefits Myers most, as his lackeys in The Learning Tree can get their shots in without jeopardizing Myers’ chance of winning. But will that matter when Morrissey can bring out the weapons?

What Else To Expect

  • Eddie Edwards in action!
  • Will Honor No More strike again?
  • More ROH appearances!


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