Brace For IMPACT for 11/11/21 (#1 Contender-mania)

Welcome again to your weekly guide to the world of IMPACT Wrestling as we Brace for IMPACT for 11/11/21. There’s some truly exciting matches lined up this week, as multiple #1 contenderships are up for grabs, and the NJPW invasion continues. All this and more in the buildup to Turning Point on the IMPACT Plus app on November 20th. Brace for IMPACT as we look into what you can expect this Thursday night at 8pm on AXS TV.

Brace For IMPACT for 11/11/21
Rohit Raju (w/Raj Singh) vs. Rocky Romero

Brace for IMPACT for 11/11/21
Rohit Raju with Raj Singh (shown on the left) faces Rocky Romero (shown on the right) [Photo: IMPACT]
Last week, Rocky Romero gave a promo about how excited he is to be back in the IMPACT Zone. While he came up short in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet and in Trey Miguel’s first title defense, you can’t deny his popularity with the crowds. Romero said he’s intent on giving the fans what they want. That’s when Rohit Raju and Raj Singh appeared, claiming Romero didn’t earn his title shot with Trey Miguel.

The Desi Hitman said Romero coming into IMPACT and immediately challenging for a title is like walking into his house without wiping his feet. Rohit feels Romero stole his spotlight by coming in and getting a title shot. This week, he has a chance to not only ‘put Rocky Romero in his place’ but also to maintain his position in the pecking order. But will he do it on his own, or will Raj Singh get involved to kick off this feud?

Brace For IMPACT for 11/11/21
The Undead Bridesmaids (Kimber Lee & Brandi Lauren) vs. DECAY (Havok & Rosemary)

The Undead Brides, Kimber Lee & Brandi Lauren (shown on the left) faces the equally creepy Decay in Rosemary and Havok (shown on the right) [Photo: IMPACT]
Last week on IMPACT Wrestling, Knockouts Tag Team Champions, The IInspiration had a problem on their hands. Jessica McKay and Cassie Lee have a match against former champions Havok and Rosemary next week at Turning Point. However, the former IIconics aren’t prepared for another match against DECAY.

To that end, the Aussies wandered the backstage area looking for someone to soften up Havok & Rosemary. That’s when they found Kimber Lee and Brandi Lauren lurking backstage. Seeing a duo as spooky as Decay, they immediately asked Lee and Lauren to challenge Decay on their behalf. The Undead Bridesmaids cackled with delight, proclaiming their master, Su Yung, is always looking for fresh souls. But when Su Yung’s minions challenge Havok & Rosemary, will that re-ignite their rivalry?

Brace For IMPACT for 11/11/21
Kaleb with a K vs. Minoru Suzuki

What has Kaleb with a K (shown on the left) gotten himself into as he battles the King, Minoru Suzuki (shown on the right) [Photo: IMPACT]
In perhaps the funniest moment from last week’s episode, Madison Rayne complained to Kaleb with a K that she got no respect in her Knockouts Title match with Mickie James. Executive VP Scott D’Amore overheard this and offered Rayne a match with #1 Contender Mercedes Martinez. Madison Rayne turned her nose up at the offer, deciding to walk away.

As Kaleb was about to follow, D’Amore told him to stay. Scott D’Amore told Kaleb that if he wants to be respected in IMPACT Wrestling, he has to prove he’s not just a social media manager. He has to prove he’s a competitor. As D’Amore spoke, both men got more and more excited about Kaleb stepping into the ring until D’Amore was red-faced, shaking Kaleb by the shoulders, and screaming.

That’s when he told Kaleb he would be stepping into the ring with Minoru Suzuki. Unable to control himself, D’Amore kissed Kaleb on both cheeks before saying, “Go get ‘im!” and walking off. Kaleb looked rightly distressed after that announcement. How will he fare against such a dangerous opponent?

Brace For IMPACT for 11/11/21
Bullet Club (Chris Bey & Hikuleo) vs. FinJuice

– #1 Contender’s Match

The Bullet Club’s Hikeluo & Chris Bey (shown on the left) face FinJuice, Juice Robinson & David Finlay (shown on the right) [Photo: IMPACT]
Last week, David Finlay and Juice Robinson faced IMPACT Tag Team Champions Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson in non-title action. However, as they are wont to do, Chris Bey, Hikuleo, and El Phantasmo made sure that match didn’t have a conclusive finish. It’s that kind of behavior that made Bullet Club so hated (or loved) in NJPW, and they aren’t changing their ways just because they’re in IMPACT Wrestling.

The last time these four competed for #1 Contendership, the match ended in a no-contest, leading to the Triple Threat match at Bound For Glory. Will things be different this time around? Or are we headed for another triple threat match for the IMPACT Tag Team Titles at Turning Point? Find out this Thursday night on an all-new IMPACT Wrestling.

Brace For IMPACT for 11/11/21
Matt Cardona vs. Eddie Edwards vs. W Morrissey

– #1 Contenders Match

In a #1 contenders match for the IMPACT World Champion, Matt Cardona (shown on the left) faces Eddie Edwards (pictured in the center) and W. Morrisey (shown on the right) [Photo: IMPACT]
Over the past year, Matt Cardona and W Morrissey have made quite the splash in IMPACT Wrestling. Both Morrissey and Cardona have win records anyone would be proud of. However, neither man has had a title match in IMPACT Wrestling. This week, they’re going to meet in the ring to earn that match. However, these two won’t be alone. Along with Cardona and Morrissey, IMPACT Wrestling mainstay Eddie Edwards is out to take Moose’s IMPACT World Championship.

While Cardona and Morrissey have intentions to become #1 contendership, Edwards has something more to prove. Over the past few months, Moose and Morrissey continually assaulted Edwards and his wife, Alisha. To finally defeat Moose and capture the IMPACT World Championship would be the storybook ending to this feud. But before he can do that, he’ll have to defeat Matt Cardona and W Morrissey this Thursday night on IMPACT Wrestling.

What Else To Expect

  • Matthew Rehwoldt vs. Jake Something
  • Jordynne Grace in action!
  • Laredo Kid speaks


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