Brace For IMPACT for 10/14/21 – Bound For Glory Summit Continues

It’s another big week in IMPACT Wrestling as we continue toward Bound For Glory. The X-Division Title Tournament continues, Lady Frost and VSK look to make a big splash, and the IMPACT World Champion meets his challenger face-to-face. Brace For IMPACT for 10/14/21 as we break down everything you can expect this Thursday night in Nashville!

Rohit Raju vs Willie Mack vs El Phantasmo

Impact notes: Two new Thursday matches, Acey Romero released Brace For IMPACT for 10/14/21
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The X Division Title Tournament continues this Thursday night on AXS TV. Over the past two weeks we have seen phenomenal triple threat matches in the chase for the vacant X Division Championship. This week will be no different as Rohit Raju, Willie Mack, and El Phantasmo square off for the final spot in the triple threat match at Bound For Glory. It seems like this match lacks the unifying styles of the past two weeks.

Bullet Club representative El Phantasmo would be more at home in the aerial showcase on September 30th. Likewise, Willie Mack seems like a better fit for the powerhouse showdown we saw last week. Meanwhile, Rohit Raju’s technical style seems like it doesn’t really fit in either. Mack and Raju are both former champions, while El Phantasmo is looking to make a mark not only for himself but for Bullet Club in IMPACT Wrestling. So will we see a former champ earn another shot, or will Bullet Club make their presence felt at Bound For Glory?

Brace For IMPACT for 10/14/21
Lady Frost vs Savannah Evans

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On September 17th, Lady Frost competed in the 2021 Knockouts Knockdown Tournament, exclusive on the IMPACT Plus app. The Ice Cold Killer didn’t make it far in the tournament though, suffering a first-round loss at the hands of Rachael Ellering. In a post-match interview, she said she thought she would go all the way. Fellow competitor Tasha Steelz overheard this interview and interjected some words of her own.

Namely, Steelz claimed that Frost would have lost to her in the 2nd round anyway. Now with something to prove, Lady Frost wants a match against Tasha Steelz. However, before she can get to Steelz, Lady Frost is going to have to go through Steelz’s bodyguard, the hulking Savannah Evans.

Brace For IMPACT for 10/14/21
VSK vs Rich Swann

IMPACT! on AXS TV Preview: October 14, 2021 – IMPACT Wrestling
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Over his year-plus stint in IMPACT Wrestling, Brian Myers has established himself as “The Most Professional Wrestler.” As The Most Professional Wrestler, he has taken several wrestlers under his wing, teaching them to become better wrestlers. Tentatively called “The Learning Tree,” Sam Beale, Zicky Dice, and VSK have all come to learn the ways of wrestling from Brian Myers. This week, a member of The Learning Tree has a chance to prove himself to The Most Professional Wrestler.

Thursday night, VSK will be taking on former X-Division and World Champion Rich Swann. A win over such a storied IMPACT wrestler would be a huge boost not only to VSK but to Brian Myers and The Learning Tree. We’ll find out just how useful Brian Myers’ teachings have been when VSK faces Rich Swann this Thursday night.

Brace For IMPACT for 10/14/21
Christian Cage Meets Josh Alexander

IMPACT! on AXS TV Preview: October 14, 2021 – IMPACT Wrestling Brace For IMPACT for 10-14-21
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Since his triumphant return to IMPACT Wrestling, Christian Cage has shared a precious few words with Josh Alexander. In fact, Cage and Alexander didn’t exchange words on camera until The Walking Weapon invoked Option C, vacating the X Division Title to challenge for the IMPACT World Championship. Since then, they’ve been very reserved when talking to each other.

They’ve exchanged some thanks when they saved each other from beatdowns,  only to clarify that it was a strictly business choice. This Thursday night, they sit down to sign the contract for their main event match at Bound for Glory. Clearly, these two have been keeping their cards close to their chests. Will they have a bit more to say this Thursday night on AXS TV?

What Else To Expect

  • Last week Eric Young and Violent By Design laid a beatdown on the returning Heath. Will he come back for more?
  • The IInspiration will compete for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships at Bound for Glory. How does that sit with #1 contenders The Influence?
  • Mercedes Martinez addresses her victory at Knockouts Knockdown


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