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It was like a dream come true you know one of those ones that you just do not want to wake up from.  Prairie Pro Wrestling finally got the opportunity to debut our shows to a live Saskatoon crowd, and it was not just one show but three back to back and the Food Truck Wars.  The shows were hosted by Bartari Video games Bar who are also sponsors of Prairie Pro Wrestling as well.  Rick and David Mah gave Prairie Pro Wrestling an unbelievable platform to present our show and get some new eyes on the product as well.

As with anything that goes on in wrestling there is a lot of work and planning that had to go on behind the scenes in order for this to all happen.  When it is all said and done though the really amazing thing was getting to see these incredibly talented wrestlers get to put on what was one of the most memorable wrestling experiences of my entire life.

The experience was made magical not only because of the amazing in-ring action, but seeing the look on the faces of the fans many of which were experiencing live wrestling for their first time ever.  Many people even showed up for all three nights of the action from Prairie Pro Wrestling showing their true commitment to what we had worked so hard on to put together.  There were plenty of new faces that made their way to Saskatoon to compete in the very first Prairie Pro Wrestling shows, it was the promise of our inaugural Lethal Lottery Tournament that brought new faces from outside the Province here to compete.

Prairie Pro Wrestling and The Food Trucks Wars

Mitch Clarke as seen in the above picture was the very first Saskatchewan born MMA fighter to compete in the UFC.  A lethal individual now known to the wrestling world as Mitch Danger Zone Clarke, he was heavily featured in the shows much to the delight of the live audience.  Mitch is a class act who even took to social media after the shows to express his appreciation for Prairie Pro Wrestling and all the fans in Saskatoon. This then spilled over into an online altercation with Headline Shaun Martens who has now requested an opportunity to wrestle Mitch Clarke inside the Prairie Pro Wrestling ring.

Is there an opportunity for these two to square up in the near future for PPW?  Well, you can always follow Prairie Pro Wrestling on all social media platforms to find out about show and match announcements that will be coming very soon.

Another new face in Saskatoon was The Omen Gabriel and what a lasting impact he made on the crowds here.  The Omen has a very dark mystique about him which goes along with his Vampire lifestyle.  There was one point during night number 2 of Food Truck Wars where The Omen was making his way down to the ring, as this happened no word of a lie there were suddenly dark clouds in the sky and the wind picked up that night in Saskatoon.  The Omen definitely brings a whole new flavor to the ring and has a very menacing look that instantly made a bite mark upon all of the wrestling fans that were in attendance.  The Omen also had to encounter a thorn in his side in the form of another new face to the Saskatoon wrestling scene.

Zoe Sager: Breakout Star of the entire weekend

While there was plenty of talent on display, this rising star made her way out from Alberta to show the Saskatoon crowd why she has become a new you need to remember.  Zoe not only hung with all the top names that Prairie Pro Wrestling threw her way but she also on more than one occasion had the number of her foe The Omen Gabriel.  Zoe might have not come out victorious in her pursuit of being the first-ever PPW Lethal Lottery winner, but it was not for a lack of trying.

Sager was so close to securing her place s a finalist but only came up just short to Sheik Akbar Shabaz in a triple threat match that also included Uncle Fil Deadly.  Zoe ended up victorious in her own right when she won one of the three battle royals that were held at Food Truck Wars.  Zoe also was victorious in becoming a hero to many of the fans in attendance.

It was a truly special moment when parents of little girls message us at Prairie Pro Wrestling to let us know that their daughters are now referring to Zoe Sager as their new hero.  Zoe Sager also has conquered the Alberta scene as she is the PWA Women’s Champion, accomplishing big things in a very short period of time. This young lady is going to be someone to watch out for, and definitely one to continue to watch in Prairie Pro Wrestling as well.

Sheik Akbar Shabaz

As mentioned Sheik Akbar Shabaz who has had a very strong impact on the Saskatoon wrestling scene and all through Western Canada ended up victorious in his semi-final triple threat match with both Zoe Sager and local Saskatoon hero Uncle Fil Deadly.  Fil Deadly always a crowd favorite in Saskatoon gave some extremely impressive efforts all weekend including his first-round victory over Merle Graves.  Ultimately it is the impressive strength and agility from Sheik Akbar Shabaz that was enough to send him to the finals of the Lethal Lottery tournament.

Another couple of familiar faces on the Saskatoon scene were part of the excitement of Prairie Pro Wrestling Food Truck Wars.  El Asesino is what many would consider being one of the meanest wrestlers in Western Canada, but there is no denying the talent that El Asesino possesses. El Asesino is a former singles and tag team champion who wants nothing more than for the best of the best to stand in the ring with him and give him competition.

At Prairie Pro Wrestling and Food Truck Wars the wishes of El Asesino were met and in the semi-finals, he found himself one on one with Saskatoon favorite Davey O Doyle.  The audience continued to chant that O Doyle Rules as they gripped the edge of their seats watching these two give it all that they have.  In the end, it was the rising star Davey O Doyle who showed the heart and determination to obtain a victory over one of the most decorated wrestlers in Western Canada today.

Prairie Pro Wrestling and The Food Trucks Wars

Tony Novak is another name that the fans in Saskatoon have started to really get behind as they can truly relate to this young man.  Novak was another one who won one of the battle royals during Food Truck Wars which was a huge boost in the confidence of this young man.  Tony Novak has come a long way in the last year and it really showed with all the passion he showed in the ring at Food Truck Wars.  Sgt. Hazzard from PWA even made a reference to Tony Novak being Saskatoon’s version of Mikey Whipwreck which was paid as a compliment to Tony and what he showed inside the squared circle.

The Lethal Lottery tournament ended up being contested in a street fight between Sheik Akbar Shabaz and Davey O Doyle.  This match was something of pure excitement for everyone in attendance.  These two warriors took things right out to them where the trash bins were and Sheik Shabaz found himself upside down in a bin of garbage much to the delight of the many kids surrounding the two men.  The Prairie Pro Wrestling official was doing all that he could to not only call the match but to assure the safety of the fans in the area as well, the efforts paid off as the official kept it safe for the viewers and allowed these men to slug it out.

At one point Shabaz got some revenge for the garbage incident by taking someone’s leftover food and shoving it in the mouth of O Doyle. 

The action eventually spilled back into the ring and Davey O Doyle dug down deep and was able to conquer the very impressive Sheik Akbar Shabaz.  Davey O Doyle was presented with the PPW Lethal Lottery tournament trophy by Rick Mah and everyone ended up going home happy.

The excitement did not end with what was seen inside the ring.  Mitch Clarke was interviewed by Global News Saskatoon and footage of the show was seen on the news that weekend as well.  Prairie Pro Wrestling made enough of an impact that we caught the attention of our local news who wanted to come down to do a cover story on us.  Prairie Pro Wrestling also were fortunate enough to have a write up from our friends at Win Column Sports which was another way to just make this entire experience a magical one.

The show was handled so perfectly on all ends of things. 

Backstage the team of Drake and Crash Crimson did an amazing job assuring that everything went off without any issue, the timing was spot on and everyone had the time of their life.  It is not often that an entire team can come together in order to create a truly magical moment, but the Prairie Pro Wrestling team managed to do this over the course of three back to back shows.  If you are reading this and wishing that you had the opportunity to witness everything that went down then do not fret because The Boss has got you covered.

I was there and I filmed all three nights which are currently being put together and will later this year becoming episodes of our new YouTube program.

They will be known as the Prairie Pro Wrestling Power Hour.  The show will be featuring the commentary of myself The Boss Bobby Munson and my partner in crime, the throat of the G.O.A.T, and the man with the angelic voice, he is known to fans as Papa Smokes.

If it were not for Papa Smokes and what he does behind the scenes as well then this entire weekend just may not have been possible like it was.  Whether it was Papa Smokes, Roberto Ureta, the talent, or the crew behind the scenes Prairie Pro Wrestling was something special and gives us an opportunity to continue to up our game as we move forward with the future of professional wrestling in Western Canada.

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Bobby Munson is currently involved with Saskatoon based wrestling promotion Prairie Pro Wrestling. Bobby Munson produces the companies You Tube content including filming and editing full shows for the channel. Bobby Munson also provide commentary for the shows as well. At the heart of it all Bobby Munson is a fan and friend of what goes on in the industry.