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First thing first before this goes any further you need to grab a glass of scotch to sip on as per the bosses orders for Prairie Pro Wrestling.  A question was recently posed about what exactly the Bosses Bravado is, well it is an excellent question that soon will be much more clear.  The Bosses Bravado is like a state of the union address only it happens anytime I deem it necessary to address the fans.  It is now time to address the fans as there is just a wealth of information to share with all of the loyal Pro Wrestling Post readers. These are the humble beginnings of Prairie Pro Wrestling.

The reason the time has come to finally debut the Bosses Bravado here on Pro Wrestling Post is due to the recent announcement made.  The announcement of a brand new Western Canadian Wrestling organization really caught some excellent attention.  Prairie Pro Wrestling out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada announced that they would be putting on three shows on July 25th, 26th, and 27th 2019.  The shows will all take place in Saskatoon at Food Truck Wars.  The reason there is so much buzz surrounding this announcement is simply that the world craves what it new and exciting.

Prairie Pro Wrestling was the vision of a long time wrestler and trainer.  The vision to run a new wrestling company that could take things to a whole new level.  Saskatoon is a very exciting city when it comes to the passion that people display for what they love.  This type of passion really can make or break your product, so the time was right to push forward with making Prairie Pro Wrestling a reality.

Humble Beginnings Of Prairie Pro

Prairie Pro Wrestling
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In life, there is nothing that comes easy and so help from friends comes in handy.  Prairie Pro Wrestling started as one person’s vision but it was a vision that could be built upon.  This is when myself and others within the organization stepped up to the plate to lend our own skills to the development of the company.  Previously we had all worked within Professional Wrestling in Saskatoon.  Some of us have stepped inside a ring, some of our work in different roles behind the scenes.  All of our different skill sets have come together to create something special.  The shows at Food Trucks Wars are not going to be tapped for our upcoming YouTube program so they will be exclusive to Saskatoon.  Moving forward once regular Prairie Pro Wrestling shows begin running they will, in fact, be filmed for YouTube.

Wildside TV was the YouTube program that I created for our previous company High Impact Wrestling.  In the year that we were creating Wildside TV, there was a solid rise in subscribers and views on the company’s YouTube channel.  Despite this, there were still many hurdles that were preventing the show from truly becoming all it should be.  First of all the schedule was exhausting in a way that many people never could understand.  Shows were happening every 3-4 weeks in Saskatoon.

I would go to these shows on a Friday Night and tape the entire event.  The shows were then uploaded to a video editor where I would edit a multi-camera showdown into 3 or 4 episodes based on 1 to 2 matches per episode.  The show was scheduled to come out every Saturday afternoon so if there was any slight gap between tapings there were often times editing had to be done that same weekend.  Edited videos were then taken to go see Papa Smokes my color commentator where we would record commentary on all three episodes back to back.

I would then have to spend another couple of days editing audio and editing in the bells and whistles.  Programs were then uploaded to YouTube for public viewing.  There are far better ways to handle this schedule, but due to it being out of my control the schedule became tiring.  The fans were the real reason that I continued to push through and create the show each and every week.   The program for Prairie Pro Wrestling is going to be handled far differently, and while I refuse to give away our secrets I will say that I am far more passionate and confident in this project.

The Boss moniker comes from a new found confidence that has allowed me to get to where I have so far.  So many people give up far too easy on the things they desire or are passionate about.  Life always gets in the way and you can give provide millions of reasons not to ever take risks.  I once had that exact same attitude, it was like a darkness that shadowed over me.

Now I see myself as a life boss, someone who has seen the light and annihilated all darkness.  Shedding off the darkness that is holding you back from being a better you is not an easy task.  It is within each and every person though to embrace change and chase their dreams.  Suddenly a world opens up before you and your dreams start to become a reality.  The reality is that Prairie Pro Wrestling is here to show the world what Canadian wrestling is all about.

There are so many more topics that I would love to share with the loyal readers, but we have to save some of the goods for the next edition of the Bosses Bravado.  Next time on the Bosses Bravado I am going to give you all an insight on what it is like to truly get involved in the business.  Stay tuned for that and many more stories yet to come.  So raise your glass, clink it with the person closest to you, and give a cheer for good fortune.  For now, just like any boss, I am taking off early for a “BUSINESS MEETING”.  Until next time on the Bosses Bravado, stay classy wrestling fans. These were the Humble Beginnings Of Prairie Pro.
Bobby Munson is currently involved with Saskatoon based wrestling promotion Prairie Pro Wrestling. Bobby Munson produces the companies You Tube content including filming and editing full shows for the channel. Bobby Munson also provide commentary for the shows as well. At the heart of it all Bobby Munson is a fan and friend of what goes on in the industry.