Blue Demon Jr keeps his mask at TripleMania XXVII

This match was between legends and since both are of the entrance was spectacular. involving Blue Demon Jr and Dr. Wagner Jr. This rivalry born from months ago and during those months, they have delivered all, and they have worked to know their abilities and weakness of each other. This match was a great match. They made us remember us the great style of 80s Mexican Lucha Libre. They gave us blood, sweat, passion, drama, history, and pride for all the crown and Wrestling fans.

The match started with both wear classic clothing. Blue Demon started punished to Wagner with a sheet in all the floor and among the crowd.

Demon carried the match in the ring, and he tears Wagner’s mask, and We can see the first blood drops. That announced that this match will be savage. And that’s correct, Demon took a bottle, and he breaks the bottle on the head of Wagner. The match was one more time on the floor. Wagner had a reaction, he took off his mask but Demon hit him on the face. This is a personal fight. The crowd was supporting a Wagner. Demon hit to Wagner with a sheet. Wagner’s head has blood. This match with a few minutes, it is amazing. Wagner reacted, and he tears the Demon’s mask, and he hit a Demon with a sheet.

Wagner continued to hit Demon with a sheet. This fight is tremendous, they hit him with everything and both are bleeding. Wagner was the first to pin Demon but the third count didn’t come. Their faces are red. This is incredible but Demon took a hammer… he punished Wagner’s back and finger with the hammer. Demos was crazy and insane. This match is in high.

Demon keeps hitting Wagner’s back and fingers. Incredible, this match is amazing. This rivalry and their courage are shown in their hits, strikes and their blood. Demon wants the victory with arm submission… Demon is using all his force… The crowd was exciting and they support to Wagner. The environment is incredible, you can feel all their feelings over the ring. Both are bathed in blood.

Demon continues with the strategy to hit with a sheet. Demon has a force, and he hit to Wagner’s children. This is an incredible all their blood and all their passion, this match isn’t by the mask or hair, this match is about proud. Demon punishes to Wagner via submission but Wagner is strong and with his heart, he breaks it. Demon one more time punishes Wagner’s arm… Wagner could give up but nothing.

Wagner with all his force applies three Wagner Drivers but only have two counts but in the last opportunity, Demon’s son helped his father. The drama is intense. On the floor, the referee and the sons of both have a discussion. Demon’s son tried to hit a Wagner with a block but Wagner’s son made the save. Blue Demon Jr takes advantage of that, Demos breaks the block on the Wagner’s head… 1,2,and 3. Demon keeps his legacy and his proud. What incredible match to close the huge event. Huge match to a huge event to huge Mexican Lucha Libre. They describe everything that you need to know about the Mexican Lucha Libre. The ring was impregnating of force, strength, passion, life, legacy, drama and love. This a great history for their career, for AAA and especially Mexican Lucha Libre. Great match of this year and a great event.