BLP Presents Threat Level Noon (10/11/20)

On Sunday, October 11th, Black Label Pro (BLP) presents Threat Level Noon. The initially titled Threat Level Midnight was being changed from the wee hours of the morning to midday brunch time. What makes this show so exciting are the names and faces involved in it. BLP recently put on a tremendous event with their Turbo Graps 16 tournament. It was a two-show event the same day.

However, this time, as part of the Collective 2020 series of shows, BLP looks to elevate the promotions stock and capture the attention of fans either in attendance or watching on FITE TV. Which match stands out to be the most notable? Upon further review, all of them! Here is Pro Wrestling Post’s preview of Black Label Pro’s Threat Level Noon.


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BLP Presents Threat Level Noon
Blake Christian vs. JD Drake

If there is one match on the card with two talents on the complete opposite spectrum of styles, it would be this one. ‘Air’ Blake Christian and JD Drake couldn’t be more different when it comes to their time in the ring against one another. For Christian, fans will note that he is known for his ability to sore through the air and around the mat with the greatest of ease.

In comparison, Drake, a former EVOLVE alumnus, is about as technically sound as anyone today. One of the coolest things to note about this match is that it marks a first. This would be the first time these two have faced each other (that has been documented) at any point in time. The objective for Drake is simple. He needs to slow down Christian. For Blake, he needs to catch Drake off guard in order to pick up the win.

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The Bad Mother F*cker Scramble No Dq No Countout
Big Beef vs. Jody Threat vs. Matthew Justice vs. AJ Gray vs. Levi Everett vs. Joshua Bishop vs. Air Wolf vs. Gary Jay

As soon as someone announces a Scramble match is set to take place, the result is to keep your head on a swivel. With the eight contestants involved in the match, it is just as much to see who will match up with whom in this battle. During this time, let’s look at those involved. Big Beef (who missed out on Turbo Grapes 16 a week ago) gets into this match looking to make an impression.

Canadian Jody Threat is hoping to show everyone why she is the Wild Child. It will be nothing more than Justice when Matthew comes in and hopes to wipe out the competition. AJ Gray is equally a threat to look out for as well. Between Everett, Bishop, Wolf, and Jay, they are all looking to stand out as the Baddest Motherf*cker around.


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BLP Presents Threat Level Noon
Alex Shelley vs. Antony Henry

As of the writing of this, there hasn’t been any announcement (that we can see) that it will be for the BLP Midwest Championship. However, much like the unpredictability of wrestling as a whole, it wouldn’t be a stretch. As he is coming off the heels of last week’s Turbo Graps 16 win, current Shelley is certainly riding high. Both men come with noted experience and success in the ring.

For Henry, a pro of nearly twenty years, he stands to be the biggest challenge at the moment against Shelley. Much like his tag team partner JD Drake, Henry brings noted tag team championship experience through the US, including his time with EVOLVE. One can only hope the title is on the line here as its something fans would undoubtedly enjoy.


BLP Presents Threat Level Noon
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BLP Presents Threat Level Noon
BLP Tag Team Championship
Besties in the World vs. Violence is Forever

It was bound to happen. When the most decorated team on the indies puts their title on the line against easily one of the stiffest duos in tag team wrestling on the independent circuit, the result could be destructive. Ku and Garrini know what the other one is thinking. They will put their chemistry to the test against Vega and Fitchett. This is the problem, however.

The Besties in the World’s name isn’t just a catchphrase or slogan. Vega and Fitchett are committed to proving that they are the Besties in the World for a reason. Their smooth teamwork and ability to capitalize on their opposition’s errors often is enough to retain their titles. Violence is Forever hopes to end their reign on this night.


BLP Presents Threat Level Noon
Josh Alexander vs. Leyla Hirsch

While this first statement may not initially read as a compliment, it is meant to be. If there were a physical specimen that was equivalent to the intensity and strength of Josh Alexander and was female, it would be Leyla Hirsch. She is called ‘Legit’ for a reason. This powerhouse has all the tools to muscle her way over her competition. While Hirsch has been competing since 2017, it was 2019, where she truly broke through.

This past year, while she has been quiet due to the pandemic, it began with a bang. This talented New Jersey native wrestled for Stardom this past January, competing in fourteen matches. Hirsch now stands across the ring from the Walking Weapon in Josh Alexander. The former IMPACT! Wrestling tag team champion is set to break bones and has Hirsch in his sights. It is sure to be a stiff match for sure!

‘Filthy Tom Lawlor & Erick Stevens vs. Heath & Fred Rosser

These two teams consist of men that are familiar with their partners. In the case of Lawlor and Stevens, fans are aware that these two are allies in MLW. With the propensity to want to fight and their ability to back up what they claim to be, it is their opposition that best watch out. For Heath and Fred Rosser, they come together for the first time in years. Fans will recall that they were part of the WWE faction The Nexus.

At that time, both men had a different look and in-ring persona than what we see today. Both men went their separate ways but still were part of the WWE until recently. Will their lack of time together be what costs them in this match, or could Lawlor and Stevens take them lightly?

BLP Presents Threat Level Noon
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Killer Kelly vs. Killer Kylie

As we raise the level of threat, so does the level of…character! While noted Portuguese talent, Killer Kelly has earned a name for herself competing in the UK, and with promotions such as wXw and the WWE, today is different. Today, Kelly stands in front of another KILLER. This one is Killer Kylie…Rae. Rae recently lost her BLP Midwest Championship, but that loss has not deterred her in the least.

If its done anything is it motivated her to continue to push forward. Kylie faces someone that is all business, and in saying this, best be prepared that she will blitz right through Rae if need be. Is the threat level raised in this match? We certainly think so.


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#1 Contenders Match for BLP Championship Match at Slamilton
Calvin Tankman vs Alex Zayne vs Ethan Page vs Isaias Velazquez

Regardless of who walks out of the main event for the championship, it is one of these four competitors that will face them at Slamilton. With the BLP Championship #1 contendership up for grabs, it is about looking at who among them may have the best chances of winning this match. For Calvin Tankman, fans are privy to a man that has held the title and contended for the championship.

He’s been at the top, but he likely faces too many obstacles here to do so. Ethan Page and Isaias Velazquez were recently part of the Turbo Graps 16 tournament. They are both eager to walk away with the top spot to contend. However, the one person who likely flies under the radar here is Alex Zayne returning from injury.


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Carlito & Chris Masters vs Gaytanic Panic

How does that song go? Reunited and it feels so good? When this match came about, and both Carlito and Chris Masters came together, that is likely what the bookers said. While it has been years since the duo has been a tandem in the WWE, they have certainly worked together since. In fact, since 2012, the ‘Masters of Cool’ have worked together quite a lot with the duo winning the Qatar Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championships this past January.

On the other end of the spectrum is a duo that have recently come together and is a lot of fun to watch. Gaytanic Panic consists of Danhausen and EFFY, and together the pair are breaking bones, hearts, and stereotypes, and they look to show their opposition that they may know what it’s like to be cool that they are no match for these weapons of sass destruction.


BLP Presents Threat Level Noon
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BLP Presents Threat Level Noon
BLP Championship
Jake Something (c) vs. WARHORSE

Two of the most prominent names on the independent wrestling scene come together on an unforgettable night. WARHORSE has been holding the Independent Wrestling Television Championship for more than a year. This time, however, it isn’t his title on the line. Instead, it is WARHORSE that is challenging for on this night.

Across from the Heavymetal a**kicker stands the massive monster who asks others to Whats. His. Name? Jake Something will have his sights set on not only retaining the championship but slowing down the longstanding train known as WARHORSE. How will WARHORSE fair, and will this be the night when he walks away with more than once championship?