#AndSTILL: Black Label Pro Champions Retain Their Gold

Four championship titles were on the line on a colossal card of talent presented at Black Label Pro‘s Quantum Leap. Out of the four title matches, Black Label Pro would see three champions retain their gold. This was a lively show that featured entertaining brawls as well as high flying action. If you missed it, treat yourself! The entire event is available on-demand at IWTV.live. Which champions

#AndSTILL: Erick Stevens retains Black Label Pro Championship

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/thatrosetattoo

Reigning Black Label Pro champ Erick Stevens may be “too old for this shit,” but the man can still go! Stevens defeated challenger Josh Alexander in a fantastic battle for the title that saw control going back and forth between the competitors for the majority of the match. The Walking Weapon proved to be a worthy opponent for Stevens as there were a number of close calls and near falls that had everyone believing we would surely see a new champion crowned. Stevens, however, was able to power back in the very end and put Alexander down for the three count victory after hitting his Sarasota Screwdriver northern lights bomb beautifully in the center of the ring.

#AndSTILL: Ethan Page and Danhausen retain Black Label Pro Tag Team Championship

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/thatrosetattoo

The tag team championship titles are still in the possession of Ethan Page and Danhausen! The two faced off against the team of Allie Kat and Dan the Dad in the liveliest bout of the show. Seriously, this match had everything – Tequila, Styx, cat scratches, and multiple ass-whipping! Despite the best efforts of the very wholesome team of ‘Kat Daddy’, Page and Danhausen pulled off the win. Here’s to hoping we see more of Allie Kat and Dan the Dad in BLP, though. They really do have quite a unique family dynamic!

#AndSTILL: Warhorse retains Independent Wrestling Championship

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/thatrosetattoo

The ass-ruling Independent Wrestling champ Warhorse is still holding the gold after his title match with everyone’s beloved daddy Effy! This match would be the first time either of these two indie favorites would meet up in the ring. Both Effy and Warhorse showed real tenacity in this title match, neither of the two let the other dominate the action for too long. One of the highlights here was Warhorse’s headbanging going directly up against (literally) EFFY’s ‘dickbanging’! The match abruptly came to a conclusion when both competitors turned on the referee. Despite this one being declared a draw, Warhorse took the opportunity post-match to call out Aussie standout Shazza McKenzie. The Ruler of Asses challenged McKenzie to a match at BLP’s Threat Level Midnight show at the Collective in Tampa this April. Shazza’s a pretty badass lady in her own right, this may be Warhorse’s toughest fight yet!

Catch these and all of the other awesome matches from this amazing show at IWTV.live. Believe me, you’ll have a great time watching from start to finish! As Black Label Pro had several champions retain their gold.