BJW Crowdfunding To Ensure Operations Continue

Big Japan Pro Wrestling listed on Twitter that they are canceling their upcoming tournament. BJW also shared that they will, in fact, be crowdfunding to ensure the promotions operations continue. COVID-19 has continued to leave several promotions all over the world seeking alternate methods to stay afloat, and Big Japan Pro Wrestling is no different. The tweet is nothing short of dire explaining Big Japan Pro Wrestling’s current situation. The promotion understands potential contributors to personal situations in the process. Readers can see the translated tweet below along with the original tweet.

Dainippon Professional Wrestling has decided to postpone or cancel the tournament in May. In the midst of not being able to perform at the show, we will be crowdfunding soon to survive dainippon professional wrestling. In a difficult situation for all of you, it would be great if you can just look at the site when it is published. Dainippon Pro Wrestling, which has celebrated its 25th anniversary this year, is currently in danger of survival due to a request for refraining from the new coronavirus.

After the emergency declaration in April, the number of performances will be 0 and there is no prospect of resumption. To the best of my mercy, we would appreciate your support in order to deliver Dainippon Pro-Wrestling to everyone around the country after the situation has settled again.

You can view the pre-release site now. Please note that the content may change when it is published. Thank you.

BJW Crowdfunding To Ensure Operations

Current IMPACT Wrestling star Michael Elgin has also helped to promote BJW’s crowdfunding efforts. He sent out a tweet encouraging fans to help if they can. When talent is helping promotions work to stay afloat that is great to see.

If readers would like to contribute to Big Japan Pro Wrestling’s crowdfunding efforts they can do so by clicking here.