Big Fall Bash | Jarkaster Journey

Hello, everybody!

This blog is about my time at Buffalo Championship Wrestling’s latest event, Big Fall Bash, which took place on September 30, 2023. Let’s dive into the details!

It was a full day for me all around. On top of taking my daughter to her dance lessons that morning, I worked a few hours of overtime for my day job. Luckily for me, I work mostly from home, so after I reached the required amount of hours, I finished preparing for the show and left.

Big Fall Bash was held at the Arlene Mychajliw Community Center in the Babcock neighborhood of Buffalo. This was the first wrestling event held there, to my knowledge at this beautiful community center.

Big Fall Bash

My fellow referees for the night were Buffalo Wrestling Academy students Austin Spatorico and Kyle S. Edwards. We did the last BCW event together and was glad to see them back on for this one.

My first assignment was a match between Miles Jacobs and Marc-Anthony Alejandro El Fuego, a pair of Control Your Narrative students. They did a good job of establishing themselves as faces and heels in front of a new crowd to them.

The audience, in general, was hot the entire time. They ate up everything that was put out there, which always makes the show a blast. It helped set the tone for the night.

Next on my plate was refereeing NWA World Heavyweight Champion EC3 versus Delsin Alekzander. The title was on the line for this, so I can say I worked a match that involved one of the most prestigious belts in pro wrestling.

Big Fall Bash
[Photo: Gary Threat]

This was my first time refereeing an EC3 match. I was on a few shows with him earlier in my career in Ohio, but now I can finally say I worked with him. It was a solid match until Alekzander pushed EC3 directly into me, forcing me to lick my wounds on the side.

When I healed up, I counted the pin-fall win for EC3 to retain. I’m not sure what happened while I was down.

After the tag team match between Brian Jennings and Bulk Nasty versus Hired Gun Inc., Spatorico took a stunner from Jennings for kicks and giggles, so Edwards and I ran out there to help him. I ended up assisting Chris Gullo, who was managing Hired Guns Inc. to the back. He was loopy after getting roughed up during the match.

My final match was the main event. Robby Vegas defended the BCW-WNY Heritage Wrestling Championship against John McChesney. This was a fun match that saw McChesney’s heelish side become more prevalent as the bout continued onward. Vegas retained the title in the end.

Afterward, a bunch of us went to Vinny’s in West Seneca for the afterparty. It was fun to kickback and chill with a bunch of people I normally don’t get to after a wrestling show. I then headed up to Stamps in Tonawanda to visit my wife, who was seeing a Misfits tribute band.

It’s an event that will soon not be forgotten. Between the matches, the talent involved, and the general feel of the evening, it was something special to behold. One has to wonder what next year’s Big Fall Bash event has in store!

That’s it for my time at BCW’s latest event. Its next scheduled show is not until February. That means my December is open for a referee booking if anyone is interested. My next event is Empire State Wrestling’s WrestleBash XIII at Buffalo RiverWorks on November 17, which is shaping up to be one of our biggest year-end events in a long time.

As always, thanks for reading!