NEWS : Batista discusses AEW competition legitimacy

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Dave Batista shared his thoughts on a few topics including his infamous ‘give me what I want’ promo, reconnecting with Triple H’s parents and AEW. Batista was asked about his retirement to which he was transparent in saying that this was a real wrestling retirement and that his in-ring career is over. He always loves the product but that is where it ends. When asked about All Elite Wrestling and that it appears the WWE has legitimate competition, Dave shared his thoughts on the company and how he sees them at the moment.

Discussing his thoughts on All Elite Wrestling:

‘I don’t see itas legitimate competition. I see them as competition which is great because there always should be that. But until they produce one of their own major stars, until they actually have a production that is as big as WWE. WWE has already the next three generations of superstars. They have NXT camps all over the world that they are so far ahead of the game that I don’t see any competition, I mean real competition that it isn’t even close.

When asked if they were to assess AEW in a couple of years from now Batista responded:

‘I believe competition is always good especially in sports entertainment that I really support them’.

Madison’s Mindset: When listening to Batista’s thoughts he is essentially saying that it is difficult to assess a company’s success based on a small sample size. Whether or not he believes that they will ever achieve the success, talent development and pipeline of emerging stars that WWE has over the years remains to be seen. We aren’t given that impression one way or the other after watching and listening to the interview above

Readers are encouraged to watch the brief interview above and are welcome to share their thoughts on what Dave Batista had to say about All Elite Wrestling below.