Bateman discusses persona, Bar Wrestling & the future.

American wrestler Tyler Bateman is not only a veteran in the business but also one of the most unique character’s in the world of wrestling today. With around 18 years in the business, Bateman has travelled all over the United States and performed for a countless number of various wrestling promotions including Bar Wrestling where he is a firm favourite amongst fans. As both an amazing singles and tag team wrestler, it still feels like there’s so much more to Tyler and that we’ve barely scratched the surface of what he’s capable of.

With recent showings at US NJPW shows and a list of titles that seem neverending, the world is Bateman’s metaphorical oyster. It seems like wherever Bateman goes, he produces amazing matches with any opponent. With such a memorable image, it’s impossible not to imagine the heights that Bateman can get too. In this interview, Tyler Bateman discusses his wrestling beginnings, his friendship with Brody King, Bar Wrestling and future wrestling ambitions.

Everyone finds wrestling at different times of their lives and in different ways, what are your earliest memories of wrestling?

I think maybe it has to be the Rock and watching wrestling cartoons

What made you decide that you wanted to be a wrestler?

This is as close as one can get to being a real life super hero or villain. I also get paid to do to people which I would happily do for free and without risk of jail time.

Who is Tyler Bateman?

Who are any of us really? I am as the world has made me. I grew up in a working class family you wanted extra that was on you to get it. When you started something, you stayed until the job was finished. You had to bite down knuckle up and push forward, even if it is an inch at a time. One thing my Dad always told me was, “Son I never want to hear of you starting a fight but, if you get into one, you damn sure better finish it. So that’s how I fight, to finish it. I’m not fancy, I’m more of a smash over flash type of guy. I want to hurt you and win.

You’re obviously an important part of Bar Wrestling from all the way back at Bar Wrestling 5. What makes the promotion so different and special?

Bar Wrestling is one of my favorite places to work hands down. The environment, the crowd, the vibe is all unique I feel. Bar Wrestling also gives a lot of chances and opportunities to locals who might not get them. You never know who will turn up talent wise.

Obviously you’re a talented singles competitor, but we’ve seen you team with your Violence Unlimited partner Brody King, what makes you two such an amazing and cohesive team?

Brody King is one of my best friends, I was there on his first day of training. So, I have known him literally as long as he has been wrestling. We generally agree on most things and even when we don’t we generally find a middle ground and push through as a team. We are also super supportive of each other and honest with each other about everything. Strength through Unity is how we approach everything.

Over the last year, you’ve done some work for NJPW in terms of the US shows and the Dojo Showcase last Summer. What were those experiences like and is Japan somewhere you’d like to wrestle?

Japan has always been a goal and will be until it hopefully happens even once would be great.

I know it must be hard to pick, because you’ve had so many amazing matches, but who is your favorite opponent to face in the ring?

My favorite opponents have been Brody King, Rocky Romero, and as of recent Gary Jay.

Is there anywhere in the world you’d love to wrestle and why?

I’d love to wrestle in Japan/ England/Ireland/Scotland/Germany. I have always had a fascination with Japan, even before I was familiar with the wrestling. I then fell deeply in love with the idea of their presentation. Tenryu is a big favorite due to the perceived realness toughness and grumpy I ain’t taking your sh… bess. Shibata is a similar situation in a more updated person and I was super lucky to spend time with him. European wrestling has had my eye since Regal and Finley in WCW they were just different and real and my heart since the first time I saw Johnny Saint vs Kung Fu

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