Audio Edition with Shane Taylor (#2)

In the latest edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast is audio edition with Ring of Honor’s Shane Taylor. Taylor has committed a great deal of himself to his craft in the ring. With the emergence of Shane Taylor Promotions and prominent championship opportunities within the company. We discussed several topics but our discussion over racism in wrestling and the need for widespread change became prominent. Taylor’s thoughts were quite pertinent in advocating for change. A change that isn’t just in the industry but one that is reflective of society today.

While aware of his accomplishments, Shane Taylor is not willing to rest on his laurels. Taylor continues to do exactly what he sets out to do. Several times Taylor will refer to shattering the glass ceiling. A ceiling that while some believed has cracks in it has barely scratched the surface on what should be done. During our interview, Taylor discusses the impact Jay Lethal has made in Ring of Honor. Taylor also shares that he too is primed to be the flagbearer as the champion in the foreseeable future.

Audio Edition with Shane Taylor

Taylor would advocate for not only himself but for those that are his contemporaries. He would share how the message that African American talent is so more capable. The audio version covers in length all the details that Shane shares about Ring of Honor and how the promotion has put them at the forefront.

To read the text edition with Shane Taylor readers can click here to do so. To listen to the audio version of this interview please click below.

This edition was edited and produced by Rob Matheny

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