Audio Edition with Matt Striker

As Lucha Underground’s, WWE’s, and MLW’s former play by play commentator Matt Striker took some time to participate in an interview we conducted back in 2015. Striker revealed his passion for wrestling, hockey, his time with the WWE, and his early time with NXT. He discusses his time on the independent scene, what working in Lucha Underground has provided him the opportunity to do, and what he has gained from that opportunity. We present to you an audio interview edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast with Matt Striker. 

Striker shares on about his respect for those that came before him. He also shares his commitment to its history as much as its present and future. During our chat, Striker conveys his opportunity to work alongside Jim Ross and how the legendary commentator had no problem handing over the reigns to the knowledgable commentator. Their chance to work alongside one another as part of a show for New Japan Pro Wrestling was career-defining. One of the most exciting points, Striker makes is that fans are encouraged to get lost down wrestling watchings venerable rabbit hole. Whether it is watching Billy Robinson or William Regal open your wrestling watching horizons.

With a mindset like this, it is hard to argue with him. A former teacher himself, Striker knows all too well the importance of educating yourself in your field. To read the text version of the interview, click here.

Audio Edition with Matt Striker

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This edition was edited and produced by Rob Matheny

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