Audio Edition with Billy Wood

From its inception in Orpington, Kent International Pro Wrestling United Kingdom (IPW UK) has been in operation since September 2004. During the companies’ existence, they have brought in notable talent from all over the world while developing their own stars. In the fall of 2017, Billy Wood purchased the company with the intent of building on its long-standing history. He has long been determined to reestablish IPW to being what fans in the United Kingdom had long respected and appreciated. We present audio interview edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast with Billy Wood.

Wood was committed to the BritWres scene and helping to see it grow and prosper. Over his tenure with the promotion he has had a hand in seeing several talented men and women from all over the world. Those that have come through his doors have made an impact. In fact, he often has placed great pride on how foreign talent helped to elevate the exposure of IPW but the UK talent were the ones that truly made the most of their showcase. At this time IPW UK was exploring their upcoming anniversary show and what that would mean for them as a promotion and BritWres. Their future is bright.

Audio Edition with Billy Wood

His time has seen tremendous highs in fact bringing it to places many likely never thought possible. Woods opens up about this past year and his intent for the company. Through Wood’s vision IPW has reached greater heights and created opportunities for stars within the company. Will IPW tour the world and compete outside the country? Wood answers these questions and more. What does the future hold? To listen to this edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast click below onto the podcast platform you are most likely to listen to it on.

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