Audio Edition with Bill DeMott

As a student of Johnny Rodz himself, Bill DeMott shared his knowledge and experience with everyone he’s come into contact with. He wrestled under several different aliases while in WCW and the WWE but none more notably than Hugh Morris. DeMott is currently on a quest to shares his knowledge and understanding, along with his greatest triumphs from the tragedy. He conveys his thoughts on the business and how his experiences have shaped him into the trainer and person he is today. We present to you audio interview edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast with Bill DeMott.

Fans will get a very different perspective of Bill DeMott that many have painted of him in the past. He was committed to his craft and developing the best talent he could. It became as essential to developing mentally tough talent as it was physically. DeMott’s belief was to instill in developing talent that the opportunities for success are out there, and they won’t come to the talent but instead needs the talent to go to them.

Audio Edition with Bill DeMott

DeMott is a father that was able to take an opportunity where the loss of his daughter wouldn’t be in vain. He discusses how his creation of a foundation in her name. In this process, Bill can travel and share his and inspire others. Our discussion with Mr. DeMott went nearly an hour and is something you will not want to miss. No parent should suffer the loss of their child. This profoundly reflective father speaks out about this tragedy. He does so in hopes of preventing it from happening to others. To listen to this edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast featuring Bill DeMott, please do so by clicking the link below. It is an episode you won’t want to miss.

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