Audio Edition with Dan Scotti (Pizza Party Wrestling)

One of the fastest rising wrestling shows to take place is Pizza Party Wrestling. The event is organized, promoted, and run by Dan Scotti. Pizza Party Wrestling has managed to take two beloved things and put them together. Pizza is often considered the most beloved food by a number of people.. By putting them together, Dan Scotty has made something fun and exciting for everyone could enjoy. While some may criticize the place that Pineapple has on a Pizza, Scotti doesn’t. In fact, that longstanding argument has served to play into the theme of the event and a match. Pro Wrestling Post Podcast presents an audio interview edition with Dan Scotti.

Pizza Party Wrestling is an event that has showcased wrestling in a new, fresh and vibrant way.  This year, Pizza Party Wrestling once again resumes its place as part of  The Collective taking place in Tampa, Florida during WrestleMania Week. By his own admittance what was originally the plan has become so much more.

Audio Edition with Dan Scotti

Dan Scotti shares his thoughts on today’s wrestling and the growth of independent wrestling. We cover an array of topics and how Birthday Bash came to be after last year’s massive series of shows as part of The Collective. Scotti discusses the fun and creativity that has emerged from the freedom that independent wrestling can provide. Who would Dan say fans should keep an eye out for on the independent scene? To hear his thoughts pick up a slice of pizza of your choice. To do so feel free to click the link below or any of the podcast listening options listed beneath the icon.

This edition was edited and produced by Rob Matheny

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