Audio Edition with Sonjay Dutt

In this archived interview from 2017, we spoke with then Global Force Wrestling’s,  talent Sonjay Dutt. Today’s audio interview edition 36 with Sonjay Dutt was a backstage producer for the WWE. However, at the time he showcased how his knowledge of a demographic would be something that could be tapped into. With Dutt of Indian descent, his knowledge of the country was key to the emergence of the Ring Kai King that TNA/IMPACT Wrestling was a part of. The promotions venture into India allowed for the discovery and emergence of such talents as Mahabali Shera.

Here were his thoughts about TNA/IMPACT Wrestling’s journey into India. There are 1.4 billion people in the country and over the last ten years, there has been a growing middle class that didn’t exist in India before. It was either you had the money or you didn’t have money. There is this growing middle class and this growing young sector that has got money that they didn’t have before, and they are ready to spend it. With a growing economy, why not take pro wrestling there? 

Since his departure from GFW, Dutt returned to TNA once again. Upon his return, Dutt took on an active in-ring role with the company. That time was short-lived as well, however. Once Sonjay Dutt left the company it was immediately announced that he would be joining the WWE as a producer. Fans have likely seen Dutt come in trying to intervene in matches trying to prevent more shenanigans from taking place.

Audio Edition with Sonjay Dutt

He shares about his time in TNA. Dutt also shares about his time on the independent circuit. He also shares about Ring Ka King and, his enthusiasm for competing for Smash Wrestling and his aspirations for Global Force Wrestling at the time. Check out the complete audio version of this interview below or visit any of the various podcast listening platforms of your choosing. To read the original transcript of the interview in its entirety visitors of the site can go here.

This episode was edited and produced by Rob Matheny

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