Audio Edition with Jimmy Korderas (Season 2)

As we begin season two of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast we kick off with a former WWE referee. Jimmy Korderas with the next audio interview edition. He has seemingly seen it all and has been around it all over his thirty years being in and around the wrestling business. Korderas was with WWE for many years and built meaningful and long last relationships there. Today, Korderas can be seen and heard in Canada adding his analysis of a number of different promotions, but with the primary focus on WWE. He also shares his expertise by serving as a referee for up and coming Canadian promotions such as Smash Wrestling.

In this 2018 interview, Jimmy shares his thoughts on how kayfabe still serves a purpose today, and the role of the referee and whether or not it has changed over the years. He also opens up about if the opportunity presented itself for him to follow in the footsteps of other former referees such as Teddy Long and Bill Alfonso to have a different onscreen role. Therefore, Jimmy also shares his thoughts on the success of Canadian wrestlers both domestically and internationally. In the process, he advises who fans should keep an eye out for locally, those that have the qualities that will enable them to be the next big Canadian name.

Fans can communicate with him on social media such as Twitter, where he can be reached at @jimmykorderas

Audio Edition with Jimmy Korderas

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Episode 33 with Jimmy Korderas
Photo / Pro Wrestling Post / @imkingroach