Audio Edition with Sammy Guevara

In this August 2019 interview, ‘The Best Ever’ Sammy Guevara sat down to discuss all things, Sammy. From his early ambitions in the ring to his time signing with All Elite Wrestling, Sammy Guevara was highlighting his career and all things that were a part of it. His motivations were more intrinsic because he is showing that anything is possible if you really work hard enough and put his mind to it. He shares his first memory of wrestling watching WWE as a certain Mexican wrestling icon always resonated with him watching in the ring. Guevara has quickly caught the eyes of fans of AEW as one of the initial members of Chris Jericho’s led faction The Inner Circle. We present audio interview edition with the best ever Sammy Guevara.

Before joining AEW, Guevara shared how he is able to connect with those in attendance. Whether he is in the role of face or heel, Guevara feels comfortable with anyone and everyone in the ring. He is able to adjust on the fly to those he is in the ring. With Guevara’s confidence in the ring, he continues to push forward. Whether it is as seen as the future of wrestling and in particular All Elite Wrestling. From one discussion to the next Guevara’s ability to not only showcase his skills but articulate who he is and why he is better than the next talent for a reason.

Audio Edition with Sammy Guevara

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