Audio Edition with Matt Cross

A veteran of the ring of nearly twenty years, Matt Cross has competed all over the world. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Cross took time out of his busy schedule to share stories and his experiences traveling the world. As a freelance independent wrestler, Cross is free to work for anyone, anywhere all over the world. This freedom lends itself to providing wrestling fans some new and exciting opportunities for matches. During our chat, Cross discussed an array of different topics. In an interview after an event hosted by SMASH Wrestling in Toronto, Ontario Canada Cross shared his feelings about SMASH Wrestling. We present audio interview edition with Matt Cross.

Cross and SMASH go back to the beginning with one another as he was their inaugural champion back in 2012. Cross’ relationship with wrestling goes as far back as 1999 when under the tutelage of JT Lightning began to cut his teeth for his hometown promotion Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling. His style is reflected in his incredibly athletic means of competition. Cross is as proficient in the air as he is on the ground. One of the most remarkable in-ring qualities about Cross is his incredible range of movements.

In 2010, Cross was part of the WWE’ Tough Enough competition. Despite the result, the opportunity allowed Cross to be seen. Cross is quite open about how he feels about the industry. At the same time, he puts it in perspective. A long-time fan of Punk music, Cross also shares his passion for various bands as well.

Audio Edition with Matt Cross

In this latest edition of our podcast, Cross shares about his relationship with SMASH Wrestling, Punk music, how his sister has a real-job and his crazy schedule. To follow Matt Cross readers can do so here. The various podcast listening platforms are below or feel free to click on the image at the bottom of the post.

Episode #27 Edited and Produced by Rob Matheny

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Episode 27 with Matt Cross
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