Audio Edition with Chad ‘Jaxson Ryker’ Lail

In this archived edition interview for the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast, we speak to current WWE NXT superstar and member of the faction the Forgotten Sons, Jaxson Ryker. At the time of the interview, Ryker was competing under the name Gunner. He had recently departed TNA/Impact Wrestling and in the process was looking to explore other professional options. A talented and physical performer, Lail also was working in film as pursuing an acting career was something he wanted to do. During our interview, one of the most notable points of discussion was how Lail’s plays an integral role in his life and career. We present audio interview Pro Wrestling Post podcast edition with Chad ‘Jaxson Ryker’ Lail.

Chad was a former United States Marine Corp that served in the Iraq War. Lail was a ‘machine gunner’ that ultimately became as high as a lance corporal. Lail first was seen on Impact Wrestling television as a security guard but with time his role began to evolve and he took on a much more meaningful role. He was with TNA/ Impact Wrestling from 2011 until 2015. In our interview, Lail doesn’t hide the fact that coming to WWE had long been a goal of his.

Audio Edition with Chad ‘Jaxson Ryker’ Lail

At the time of the interview he hadn’t signed with the company but in 2017 Lail agreed to a deal with the WWE’s developmental brand NXT.  At 36 years of age, Lail is making sure he making the most of his opportunity with WWE. To listen to the interview with Chad click the link below.

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