Audio Edition with Frankie Kazarian (#1)

As one half of The Addiction tag team with Christopher Daniels, ROH’s Frankie Kazarian has achieved so much outside the ring that it is easy to forget. The longstanding champion in both TNA and Ring of Honor is not one to rest on his laurels and in fact, has continued to show his growth. Kazarian’s interests aren’t simply relegated to this time in the ring but far outweigh them as the bass player for the band VexTemper. The longstanding band member is as passionate about music as he is about wrestling. We present audio interview edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast with Frankie Kazarian.

Kazarian’s career has long been tied to his passion for wrestling regardless of the promotion. Whether it was in TNA, Ring of Honor or various independents, Frankie Kazarian has committed himself to his craft and the improvement of the in-ring product he is a part of. He is a world-traveled and world-class athlete that only looks to improve himself and his value regardless of where he. VexTemper is a labor of love and one he hopes fans will see his passion goes beyond the ring. With a busy in-ring along with family life, Kazarian continues to make the balancing act work.

Audio Edition with Frankie Kazarian

Kazarian does more than simply discuss his passion for wrestling. He discusses his role in VexTemper and what his aspirations for the band would be in the future. Our nearly twenty-minute conversation shares Kazarian has a great deal to achieve and during this process doesn’t want to simply rest on what he does in the ring. He wants VexTemper to be a success and shares the music writing process that took place with him and his bandmates. To listen to ROH’s Frankie Kazarian please do so at the link below.

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