Audio Edition with Jeff Cobb

A native of Hawaii, Jeff Cobb has traveled the world over facing some of the best men and women wrestling has to offer. A former amateur wrestler, Cobb has continued to develop a name for himself wherever he has competed. He has long embraced an ability to face those of different skillsets, sizes, and shapes than him. We present audio interview edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast with Jeff Cobb

Cobb had an entertaining and quirky take on his experience and prioritized his career accomplishments with his future ones. Whether they are competing on the independent circuit or being a part of a television program such as Lucha Underground, Jeff Cobb continues to excel in the wrestling industry. His strong amateur background is just one of many present and former professionals who were able to make the transition and be successful at it. With no specific indication as to where Cobb will appear next, he is most certainly intending on going to a company that will be able to utilize his particular skill set and elevate him on the card.

Major companies such as the likes of IMPACT Wrestling, WWE and Ring of Honor will likely all explore the possibility at some point of bringing Cobb into the fold. He is simply too talented to be overlooked.

Audio Edition with Jeff Cobb

During our discussion, Cobb shares his thoughts on competing around the world. He also shares his thoughts on promotions that he has fought for in the past. To access our interview, please follow the link below. Readers could also click on any of the podcasting platforms below to access this episode.

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