Audio Edition with Pro Wrestling Post Staff

In this audio edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast staff episode Marc Madison, Brandi Wagner and Robbie Sutter discuss an array of topics in the world of professional wrestling along with available on the site Brandi, Robbie, and Marc shared their thoughts on the WWE’s current SuperStar Shakeup and potential implications for both brands. Who did the three feel walked away with the better end of the roster? Brandi shared about one wrestler’s injury and how that affected the presentation of the program.

Both Brandi and Robbie discussed their WrestleCation and how their mutual admiration for one another was only furthered by their enjoyment of all things wrestling. The discuss attenting MLW Battle Riot, Pizza Party and the Ring of Honor/New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Supercard. Was the week that was all had hoped to be for the couple? Also, Marc shared his thoughts of WrestleMania and how difficult it can be to watch a triple threat women’s main event when you’re asleep, the challenges of watching Demon face the Almighty while your rocking your baby to sleep and avoiding them spitting up on your and more. 

Audio Edition with Pro Wrestling Post Staff

The group also shared about a current #IndieSpotlightWatch of Adam Brooks and Robbie shares his admiration for Marc as the most recent AEW Profile Preview with Hikaru Shida is highly talked about. What does Robbie say exactly? Click the links below to find out. To listen feel free to do so by clicking on any of the available platforms below or the icon just underneath this post. There was so much to say and not enough time to cover it.

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