Audio Edition with Kevin Gill

In the latest audio edition of the podcast, we welcome commentator Kevin Gill. Gill’s passion for wrestling traces back to the days of ECW. With the spirit of Extreme Championship Wrestling running through the veins, Kevin Gill has effectively transitioned that into what was initially Jersey Championship Wrestling. As GCW’s commentator, his role with the promotion also showcases an unbridled passion that is reminiscent of Paul Heyman. Gill is a multi-faceted and multi-talented man. Pro Wrestling Post presents Episode 39 with Kevin Gill.

Kevin Gill
Photo / Kevin Gill

With a podcast of his own, Gill’s desire to make GCW the premiere independent wrestling promotion in North America if not the world evident. He cares about the company, its talent and the product as a whole. Throughout the episode, Kevin Gill shares his thoughts about an array of different topics. He discusses GCW’s journey into Japan, the upcoming Collective series of shows taking place during WrestleMania weekend and how he came to be one of GCW’s commentators. Kevin Gill shares the vision of growth for GCW, his longstanding place in the industry, and how his hard work and commitment to the business.

Audio Edition with Kevin Gill

One of the discussions was also in regard to arguably the hottest feud in GCW if not all of independent wrestling. The ongoing feud between Nick Gage and Rickey Shane Page has moved along from a number of different promotions. To hear Kevin’s thoughts on Game Changer Wrestling, the future of the company and a new edition of game Wrestling Tinder click the link below. If listeners would prefer they could also hear this edition on any of the podcast platforms listed below.

This edition was edited and produced by Rob Matheny

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