Audio Edition with LuFisto (Pro Wrestling Post)

During this early 2019 interview, the Wounded Owl, LuFisto took some time to discuss all things wrestling. Our chat covered an array of different topics. Whether it was the evolution of women’s wrestling to where her career was headed to whom she hoped to face for her final match. At the time of this recording, LuFisto shared a great deal of insight as to how she was feeling physically and was reflective of all that she had achieved. While she has announced that she no longer plans on retiring anytime soon at this time her mind and body were in a different place. We present audio interview edition with LuFisto.

She shared what she hoped would have been with the likes of Jordynne Grace. LuFisto also shared how it was very rare during her time for women and men to face one another. However, it was clear that she was determined to blaze a trail that the likes of Tessa Blanchard have come to embrace today.

Audio Edition with LuFisto

This interview took place after SMASH Wrestling’s The Northern tournament. After the match, she was as gracious with her time with fans as she was competitive in the ring. Her ability to connect with fans was clear. With an infectious smile and a killer instinct in the ring, it is no surprise while she was the longest-reigning Shine Wrestling champion. As of today, LuFisto is still actively working on the independent circuit. Her role is just as important in the ring as it is before the matches even begin. LuFisto’s story in the ring has yet to have its final chapter written. If the wounded Owl has anything to say about it, that won’t be for a long time.

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