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Some wrestlers will have some lucky moments in their lifetime, and this time, ASUKA is one of those people as she wins two types of gold in different promotions over the course of the week. We’ll be talking about those titles and how much they mean to her. We will also share what the titles mean to the community she represents. This past week, ASUKA Wins Two Titles in One Week.

Photo / Twitter @Asuka10272140 

Firstly, on August 22nd at DDT’s Ganbare Pro Heaven’s Door 2020 show, ASUKA would main event the show as she takes on the Independent World Junior Heavyweight Champion, Hagane Shinnou, for the championship. The match would be a little over sixteen minutes. Still, ASUKA would be the one that would come out on top to win the Independent World Junior Heavyweight Championship. It gave ASUKA her second title she was currently holding with the KO-D Ten Man Tag Team Championship on top of that. The match is now up on Wrestle Universe, and you can watch the match along with the entire show there. The match was solid and showed ASUKA could work with anyone regardless of gender and show why she’s the best.

ASUKA Wins Two Titles in One Week

On August 30th, she would make her way over to Pro-Wrestling Diana as she main events another show. Her match was against the Women World Pro-Wrestling Diana World Champion, Ayako Sato, with her title on the line. Around fifteen minutes in, ASUKA would win the main event and win the companies top title, making her ASUKA three belts. While the match happened a couple of days ago, it’ll be broadcasted on niconico on September 11th if you wish to see how the matchup played out.

ASUKA Wins Two Titles in One Week
Photo Twitter @Asuka10272140

It is a big deal for ASUKA as she’s also been accomplishing a lot while only being twenty-one-years-old. She was also the first transgender woman to win both of these championships, which is a fantastic accomplishment in itself. ASUKA truly is a talented woman. There is no doubt she’ll be considered one of the best in the upcoming years to come. This would be if she keeps this up. Congratulations to ASUKA for having a great week in wrestling.


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