Apollo Crews Wins WWE Intercontinental Championship | #AndNEW

On night two of WrestleMania 37, Big E defended his WWE Intercontinental Championship in a Nigerian Drum Fight against Apollo Crews. Unfortunately for The Powerhouse of Positivity, he was incapable of defending his championship successfully against the Warrior of Nigeria. In an action-packed six-minute, fifty-second match, Apollo Crews defeated Big E & wins the WWE Intercontinental Championship for the first time in his career; but he didn’t do it alone.

The Build

After Big E defeated Sami Zayn for the WWE Intercontinental Championship, Apollo Crews suddenly became very buddy-buddy with the new champion. The two began challenging each other to friendly competitions. However, this budding friendship quickly developed into a boiling rivalry. After wars of words held on Talking Smack and SmackDown programming, Apollo Crews finally snapped.

On an episode of SmackDown, Apollo Crews sent Big E to a local medical facility after crushing him with steel steps. Apollo then went on to discover more of his personality and developed a better understanding of self. Crews went on to embrace his Nigerian roots and has embraced a darker aspect of his inner being. Now, we lead into a match that embraces Apollo’s roots better than any match has before – a Nigerian Drum Fight for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

An Action-Packed Match-Up

Despite being less than seven minutes in length, this match felt much longer. While most would view this as a negative, it’s meant in the most positive context. There was so much packed into this contest that it seemed as though it had to have lasted longer than it did. Crews and Big E put in some intense work for this one, and it’s time to recap this one.

Big E made his entrance to the tune of a live Wale performance! Wale’s performances are always masterpieces in showmanship, and it added something special to this match. Crews and Big E did not waste any time. The bell rings, and the opponents immediately dive to the outside in search of foreign objects. Crews and Big E return with kendo sticks. They both unleash havoc on each other’s bodies. This leads to an eventual suicide spear by Big E (which looked absolutely devastating.)

The Battle Continues

Big E tossed Apollo Crews around ringside. Drums and gongs were utilized in the destruction of the Nigerian Warrior. Crews dropped Big E with a death valley driver on the ring apron. Big E is laid on the ring steps placed at ringside and luckily avoids Apollo Crews’ attempt to crush him with the second set of steel steps.

Back in the ring, Crews and Big E begin to utilize keno sticks further. Crews laid the champion on a table, but this would soon backfire. After an attempted frog splash, Crews planted himself straight through the aforementioned table. Big E landed the Big Ending, but couldn’t make the three-count. Instead of going for the pinfall, he was attacked by a seven-foot-tall man dressed in vague military regalia. (This man is Dabba-Kato, the former RAW Underground performer.) While commentary kept the man nameless, his attack led to a pinfall and a victory for Apollo Crews. Apollo Crews is our new WWE Intercontinental Champion!

Apollo Crews Wins WWE Intercontinental Championship
Where Do We Go From Here?

With the reinvention and debut of the former (or current) Dabba-Kato, we can only go up from here. It appears as though Apollo Crews has found his Omos! Apollo Crews now has a consistent character and has the gold to prove his worth. Hopefully, we get one final rematch between Crews and Big E. I’m excited to witness an elaboration on Apollo Crews’ new friend. Overall, an excellent match! Congratulations to the new WWE Intercontinental Champion!


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