Aoife Valkyrie – Beyond The Skullduggery Pleasant

The Skullduggery Pleasant series was written by Derek Landry. In the series, Landry tells the tales of a detective and their mentor. Skullduggery Pleasant is the mentor to Valkyrie Cain. The story is about Valkyrie’s challenges to stop evil. An evil that jeopardizes the world and her struggle to defy these forces. For Aoife Valkyrie, his connection to these books and inspiration for her character initially in wrestling came from Valkyrie Cain.

As a professional of nearly six years, the 24-year old forged her career early on in Irish-based promotions such as; Fight Factory Pro Wrestling, Celtic Championship Wrestling & the Union of European Wrestling Alliances. It would be in Ballyphehane Community Centre in Cork, Ireland, where Valkyrie would team with notable Irish talent LJ Cleary to defeat Katey Harvey and Michael Mayhem at Celtic Championship Wrestling’s Revolution III. She was 18 years old at the time. Over the course of the six years since her debut, Valkyrie has captured the attention of several promoters both in her home of Ireland and across the pond.

Aoife Valkyrie
[Photo: Twitter/ Aoife Valkyrie]
It would be another two years before she competed for what would argue was a promotion on the rise in the UK, Over The Top Wrestling. Valkyrie would team with Katey Harvey and Justin Shape in a losing effort against Martina and The World’s Cutest Tag Team as part of a six-person tag match.

I’ve been through a lot, might not take much more to break me. – Valkyrie Cain
Alternatively, as you’ve been through a lot, there might not be much more that could break you – Skullduggery Pleasant.

Valkyrie’s career will be tied to her mentor Katey Harvey. As she rose to prominence in Ireland, Harvey would play an integral part in her growth as a professional early on. Whether it was singles, tag team, or intergender matches, Valkyrie would face any and all comers. Harvey herself was a two-time Over The Top Wrestling Women’s champion.

And it would be the teacher that would capture the title from the pupil. On October 26th, 2019, at OTT’s Fifth Year Anniversary event, Harvey would defeat Valkyrie ending her 71-day reign as champion.

For Aoife Valkyrie, it was as important to tell the story. To simply showcase what she could do in the ring. The talented upstart has been able to take in all the wisdom from those around her to carve out a career herself. In preparation for her battle with her friend and mentor, Valkyrie shared her thoughts on the match between them.

Aoife Valkyrie defeats Isla Dawn - Minutes to Bell Time
[Photo: Minutes To Bell Time]
I am ready to be the next OTT Women’s Champion. I am ready to raise the bar for Irish women’s Wrestling. – Aoife Valkyrie

A great deal is said about a friendship outside the ring that can be parlayed into tremendous matches inside it. Through their 25 matches, either with one another or against one, Harvey and Valkyrie tell a story of competition, intensity, and growth. Their last reported match with one another was in February 2020. Even though that may have been their last match with one another to date, there are other stories these two are sure to tell in the future.

Sometimes when you meet someone so beautiful, and then you actually talk to them, and five minutes later, they’re dull as a brick? Then there’s other people; when you meet them, you think ‘not bad, they’re okay.’ And then you get to know them, and their face just sort of becomes them. Like their personality’s written all over it. – Valkyrie Cain

It is clear that what we see is what we get from young Aoife. While she shows a great deal of enthusiasm in the ring, that shouldn’t be confused for naivety. She is has seen a great deal in her six years of competition. Valkyrie’s emergence is a sign of tenacity and willingness to challenge herself.

Valkyrie’s time in Ireland was a launching pad for what was still to come. Her growth was evident with title wins, and successful singles matches against the best to come through the territory. However, one of the most notable accomplishments in her young career was in 2018. It was then where she became the first female to capture the Fight Factory Pro Wrestling Championship. A title that former NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin has held.

After achieving nearly all she possibly could in the UK under the umbrella of Irish women’s wrestling, it was time for her to move on. Time to find new opportunities for the largest promotion in the world. In January 2020, Valkyrie would sign with the WWE. She would venture on to a new quest as part of the NXT UK women’s roster.

Her time with the brand would initially be on hold. With the world virtually at a standstill due to a global pandemic, NXT UK would take time to reset. When they returned, Valkyrie would gather her footing competing as part of the NXT brand and then NXT UK.

By the fall of 2020, Aoife Valkyrie would face other notable talents in the promotion. Names such as Nina Samuels, Isla Dawn, and Meiko Satomora. Today, Aoife is captivating audiences in the WWE’s NXT UK brand. She has left her past behind and is in the midst of creating a path those that supported her would be proud of.

He stood there, looking at her. She glared back, opened her mouth to continue the conversation. But he suddenly turned, walked away, like he’d just remembered that she may look and sound and talk like Valkyrie Cain. But she wasn’t Valkyrie Cain. And she never would be. – Derek Landy



Before the journey began for several WWE talent, their skills were honed in gymnasiums, auditoriums, and crowds of a few hundred people. Yet, they never wavered in the pursuit of their goals, and those roads they traveled helped them achieve the success they have today. Before the Erefers to ‘A common nickname for WWE inspires the E.’ To understand where talent is today, it is essential to know how they came to be part of the Entertainment side of World Wrestling Entertainment. This week we presented Aoife Valkyrie before The E.